Are there any Squeezebox user's out there?

I am using the clock on my Squeezebox.

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Two wired Touches and one WiFi older model.

Mostly smooth sailing but often the play/pause controls on the Touch becomes unresponsive.

Oh, and also a bug with the system time shown on the old (SB3?) that doesn’t show the local time but rather what I suppose it picks up from the ROCK. 1 or 2 hours off depending on daylight savings time of year. Has been reported and recognised as a bug by the devs.

At my LMS peak, I had 8 zones, 2 x each of Boom, Radio, Touch, and Transporter.

they all been retired now, and I’ve sold a few. Still have a touch and transporter, and a few others as potential backups.

Most of the issues I’ve encountered have been caused by the ancient Wi-Fi chips in squeezeboxen…which appear to work poorly with modern mesh routers. This seems worse with Roon than LMS; I have no explanation for this.

I do miss the Transporter for its sheer sexiness, and the Boom, which was a wonderful all-in-one endpoint that has no direct analog in the current Roon ready device ecosystem.

In use in my still used LMS system (in addition to my Roon system):
Home: Transporter, Touch, Boom, Radio.
Weekend place: Touch, Radio, Boom
Backup units (still in boxes), Transporter, 2 Touch, 2 radios, my originally used SB3, and one used Boom (from my brother, with a display that is going bad).

LMS runs on an rPi4B, running piCorePlayer OS. All simply works, reboot only on updates occasionally, otherwise on 24/7.

edit: I’ve never tried to use any of these with Roon. With Roon I use rPi3B+ (running Ropieee) with digiHat connected via S/PDIF to Benchmark DAC.

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Hi everyone,

I am absolutely trilled with the number of responses (I really thought this place was dead). Thank you all for your posts. My hope is that if enough Squeezebox users show up and get active in this forum section, that may trigger Roon to address some of the Squeezebox issues and even improve functionality.

In my setup I have 2 Touch units, for living room and basement, and then 2 Duets for kids rooms - all Ethernet connected. As I recently switched to Roon, for now I am only fiddling with living room unit and hope that once I resolve my issues I can setup the rest. The living room unit is connected to my amp’s DAC with coaxial cable. I still run LMS on another server for lower rez remote playback, although I managed to run Roon remotely on my iOS devices using VPN - but this is only possible in original resolution, which can be too much for slower internet connections. Apparently, Roon has announced that remote playing feature will be added in next release, so as long as down-rezing of the streaming will be possible, I will be a happy camper.

I find very interesting that people are experiencing different, or in some cases no, issues with what appears to be the same Squeezebox unit. The frustrating part in my case is that couple of issues that I have are of intermittent nature and I could not figure out any stable pattern of when they appear or disappear, and how these are connect to Roon upgrades and resetting the unit, which is all I can do to try to address the issues. Anyway, I will list these below, and I am sure some of you will recognize them:

  1. Screensaver Clock - I love this feature and it is on all the time except in Now Playing mode. However, there are days when this is not working and then it somehow gets resolved. I would go to settings and set this feature agin and again, but it is like it has mind of its own to decide when it is going to work again. Also, displayed time can sometimes lag behind correct system time by 1-2 minutes, and then again correct itself.

  2. Now Playing / Paused - This one is really hard to even describe, as it appears to be totally intermittent - and it started fairly recently. So, sometimes SBT display does not go from screensaver clock to Now Playing if play command is sent from iOS devices, only form physical remote. It does plays selected music, but does not show display until I stop it and use remote. The other one is that when I turn SBT on it goes to Now Playing, which is expected, but no music is to be heard until I use my physical remote to start the play again.

So, as stated above, resetting SBT does not appear to make much difference for the above issues. They appear or disappear sometimes on their own or sometimes after one or several resets.

Also, sometime ago I posted a request/wish to see the same kind of song info in Roon radio stations play that is available in library play. Right now you only see station graphic/artwork logo with no song info. This feature was available under LMS. Anyone misses that?

Finally, in one of the earlier posts in this forum, someone said that if you turn off Squeezebox support in Roon, you can actually run both Roon and LMS on the unit without any issues. For now I did not dare to try. Is there any truth in that and is it actually possible?

Quite a bit to digest, but hopefully you will have patience to read through this and provide feedback to address these issues. And, …. maybe … this will catch Roon”s attention to improve Squeezebox users experience.


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You seem to have the same issues I have with my radio with play/pause and not switching to now playing. It’s annoying as it did work once, been so long now though can’t remember when it last worked properly. The playing but silent is an odd one I get thar one after a few seconds sometimes it initially starts then sound goes in Roon it shows its playing I have to hit play on the sb again to hear it though.

You need Squeezebox support enabled or it wont see them at all. Having both LMS and Roon with Squeezebox support at same time is not recommended as they will just default to connecting to that and again won’t be seen by Roon.

Another Squeezebox user here. I’ve been running LMS since 2008, and Roon since 2016. I have lost much of my hearing acuity over that period, so I’ve become agnostic about things like Hi-Rez bit rates/sample depth and stereo separation. I have a Modwright Transporter that still sounds great to me, and a SBT that is mostly a backup, but is still actively on the network.

As you say, the basic functionality and sound quality has been fine, but I’ve also suffered with various small problems with display, clock, and getting the Squeezebox units to connect with the Roon library rather than LMS. A couple of years ago, I stopped using LMS entirely, although I’ve found that a couple of hardware settings on the Transporter require LMS to re-set them. When I go back to Roon, they generally stick.

Frankly, I just care about listening to the music, would rather not fuss with gear, and everything works, so I leave it alone. ROCK was a huge step forward, removing a lot of mysterious Windows-sponsored garbage, and I’ve found “it just works” to be true for many years. When I was running both, I would shut down LMS completely to run Roon and vice-versa. I never tried running them on the same network at the same time. Both worked fine for me as either/or systems.

The radio station info seems to be variable for me depending on what’s being streamed, that is, some of the streams to which I listen provide the specific info that shows up on my Transporter, while others just have a station logo. I don’t think it’s a Roon issue entirely.

Hope this helps

I run Roon and LMS server concurrently and this works perfectly. I started with LMS over ten years ago and have numerous SB2, SB3 and PI endpoints throughout the house. Last year I added Roon and reflashed the PI endpoints to support both servers. Both LMS and Roon support streaming and local library playback and good phone user interfaces (iPeng/Roon).

I did this originally to allow streaming Spotify via LMS which was not supported by Roon. But over the last six months my usage of Spotify diminished and I finally dropped that subscription. So very recently, I use LMS primarily for concurrent playback in rooms not yet equipped with Roon-compatible PI endpoints.

shure, if you’ve disabled Squeezebox Support in Roon, you can use LMS in parallel to Roon.

Would you loose any Squeezebox functionality in Roon playback, comparing to when you run it with Roon’s support?

When the clock screensaver doesn’t work, I reboot my core. This almost always restores the function. Once in awhile I have to reboot it twice.

Sure, all plugins (e.g. ARD Audiothek, Alarms, …), which haven’t a pendant in Roon.

I am using squeezebox touch. Works well, no problem. Once there was a network problem with one of the touches. But that is not to blame on squeezebox. works finr.
I am runniung a squeezebox touch in connction with my T+A 1260R streaming device because it is not ROONready. So the digital/analog conversion is done by the T+A and the connection to ROON is done -without any problems- by squeezebox touch.

i there,
I use SB (3wired -1wifi) but not with roon because of the problems with alarms. I use them as alarm cloks in the bed rooms.
It,s not workfull. I prefere LMS on my Qnap. Or I didn’t manage to use them…

I am using SB to have a fanless Atom MiniPC with Daphile OS installed working as wifi ROON endpoint feeding DAC via USB.
The problem experienced so far is that if I leave the DaphilePC on for long time (given the low consumption I thought to never switch it off) is that after a couple of days it may become urnresponsive although appearing still as connected on the router (due to cable lenght limitation couldn’t try if a LAN connection would solve the issue).
Besides, switching it on & off at each listening session has been working flawlessly for me ever since, even when grouped and with convolution filters on for almost a year so far, and I would recommend such solution to all Roon users who have a separate/s DAC/s looking to feed it/them with the cheapest streamer with USB connection the market allows, who do not wish to mess with DIY Raspberries solution (Daphile installation is very easy with a flash USB).

Thanks to your post, I have dug out some of old devices out!
I didn’t even know Roon even had this feature!
So far have tried Squeezebox Radio. Great for cordless garden Roon listening! :sunglasses: Forgot how good this little device sounds!

Now playing seems not to work, the clock does though.
Adjusting the volume seems to interrupt playback…

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Hi Nigel,

I have just done the same thing, I’d almost forgotten that I had two Touch’s; they are now connected to two equally ancient Bose Waves and doing sterling service for non-critical listening.

Roon is fast becoming my favourite support system.