Are there Belgian forum members with a Qobuz subscription that can help me out?


Are there Belgian forum members with a Qobuz subscription that can help me out?
I am having a very specific problem that I try to nail down, but completely failing at the moment.

What I am looking for is printscreen(s) of Roon Main albums - View All, both in My Library and Qobuz Main Albums, specifically for Eurythmics.
It is not necessarry that Eurythmics are in your library , in fact that would be even an advantage if they are not. (In my screenshot, I have only albums in Qobuz Main Albums - View All)
The reason for asking is that, although in Qobuz I have perfect access to the 8 HighRes albums, but I only get CD format in Roon.
Please note that I have about 300 albums where I do see the availble high resolution versions perfectly, only a limited number of albums give me this headache.

Here is a picture from my system:

Some forum memebers have already provided me with their feedback, but they were all located outside Belgium.
As kind of last resort, I would like to check if this could be a location based issue.

Thanks in advance to anybody trying to help out.


P.S. Here is a screenshot of Eurythmics in Qobuz app, where the High Res albums are available

From Belgium.

Thanks very much. Confirms my system.
The good news is that Roon has found a bug, and is working on a fix.
Hartelijk dank Paul.


Yep, here’s another Qobuz listener.

This issue should have been resolved this morning. It may take up to a week for your libraries to consume the new streaming rights metadata, but browsing and any new additions should be correct as of now.

Please accept our apologies for any inconvenience caused.