Are year tags being ignored?

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Windows 7 PC

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Vitus RI-101

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iPad app showing Roon’s version of Year tags, not the file versions

I am using the demo Roon. I have gone deep into the library settings, to enable everything as “Prefer Fiile”, but Roon seems to be insisting on using its own Year tag?

Look at this screenshot, the first album displays with a Year of 2001, which is clearly wrong, the Year tag of the album files is 2010. How do I fix this? Thanks.

Hi @ACvitus,

Can you share a screenshot of the main album page for this album? Can you share a screenshot of the file tags for this album?

Here is a screenshot of the album page. We can see that the Year tag value of 2010 has been read correctly and displayed in the “Released” field. But somehow Roon has found another date for the “Originally Released” date that has nothing to do with my files, and is using this to sort. So perhaps this is dodgy metadata from a scraper? I have noticed that other albums are displaying with third-party year values rather than the tag value.

I went into my Roon General settings and see there is a choice for sorting albums on either Original Release Date or Release Date, but in my case this setting seems to be ignored. Perhaps a Roon bug?

By the way, I’m not thrilled to have someone else’s Editorial rating shown by default, can this be suppressed?

Couple more suggesttions from a first-time Roon user:

  1. on my iPad, the artist view is only showing 6 artists at a time in the grid. Feel this is making inefficient use of the iPad’s great display. Linn’s Kazzo has 8 in the grid view and I prefer that, also prefer Kazoo’s vertical scrollling through artists, I’m finding horizontal scrolling awkward in comparison.
  2. The Queue screen on my iPad has an ugly Roon Radio grey box taking up about a quarter of the screen. It’s dead space, feel I ought to be able to swipe it out the way but it seems to be a permanent eye-sore. Can this be hidden?

Overall, there is a lot about Roon that I like. The iPad display is slightly too busy for my taste, more bells and whistles than I need, but I could give serious consideration to subscribing beyond the trial period.

Took a quick look at this @ACvitus – so it looks like one of our metadata providers is telling us this this album was originally released in 2001 – you can see that same data here.

Our metadata system is built around layers, so if your file tags don’t have any information for ORIGINALRELEASEDATE, we’re going to use what’s available. More information about how this works here.

Roon’s understanding of when a given edition of an album was released as opposed to when the music originally released allows for a lot more subtle handling of your collection, but of course that’s not how it goes when the data is bad :frowning:

Obviously, we’d prefer bad data like this not make it into the system, but you should be able to edit this album directly in Roon if you’d prefer no original release date to show at all:

There’s a setting to show more covers and photos that may help here.

I believe we have feature requests open for both of these, so definitely make your opinion known in that section of the community site.

And thanks for the feedback @ACvitus.

Thanks @mike. All very helpful. It looks like ORIGINALRELEASEDATE will always be displayed regardless of tags, the only maintained tag in that respect in my library is YEAR. I am accustomed to sorting on my YEAR tags so I now know how to address that.

You mentioned an option for increasing the number of artists displayed? Still not figured that out on my iPad, grateful if you can advise.

As a new user, it’s easy to jump on niggles, but it’s clear a lot of work has gone into this.

Hi @mike

Would it be possible - in a future release - to have the option of including recording date in the options available for sorting?

I have a lot of live albums which I want to show (when sorting albums by date) in the year that the performance took place rather than the year when the album was released. At the moment I do this by setting the Original Release Date to be the date of the performance. This works in terms of ordering by date but means that I have lost some information (Original Release Date).

Would also be helpful if selecting Year using FOCUS could have the option of using Recording Date.


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