Are you a pimp ? (Sound Pimp)

I just was tipped about the sw by a friend.

Has anyone uesedit with Roon, or even HQPlayer ?
It almost seems to be to good to be true :grinning:

I emailed the Norwegian developer, but he did not answer my question about the above. Maybe he will wake up now. I will email him a link to this thread as well. (He may not even know what Roon is :grinning:)

If this SW is as good as he and the reviewers says, maybe it can be implemented in Roon, or even HQPlayer. (@jussi_laako) . Just add an on/off switch :grinning:

The sw use a virtual sound card, that’s all I almost know about the technical side of it.

The tests and website seems to be very old from 2012, so maybe this product died, or maybe it was ahead if it’s time. I don’t know.

So have anyone any experience withe Soundpimp ?

I was notified by the R1200CL per email:

I am both the developer, an opinioned Roon customer with a lot of good things to say about Roon, not to mention; awake! Not bad, but I doubt if the Roon team would like us to discuss too much SoundPimp things here, thus, look in your email inbox.

Anyway, the easy way to incorporate products like SoundPimp into Roon, is to offer VST compliance, as already suggested by many and in several threads.

But since you mention it, the Lyd&Bilde magazine is absolutely correct in their use of fine words, as we see it. :slight_smile: We tested SoundPimp in their own test lab, on the most expensive speakers available in Norwegian retail shops at that time, cannot remember the brand. It was a good day.

Product is alive and kicking but yes, it deserves a refurbished website. That, and room correction, will arrive with SoundPimp 2.0.

I think probably a good idea to share this link as well:

Just my IMO, but VST is PITA and annoyance and not so great for cross-platform applications. Running VST plugins on Linux or headless environment is not so straightforward. And for one, VST doesn’t support DSD and I want PCM and DSD equally supported on everything.

At least I’m only interested on things that can be run equally, through single API on Windows, Mac and Linux. Linux is my primary development platform, so if it is not supported, then I’m not interested.

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If a VST plugin was added to SonicOrbiter 2,5, would that solve something ?
Or if so, would that exclude the HQPlayer ?

Same question to you. Can SoundPimp somehow be added to or used with your SW ?
(EDIT. We posted simultaneous. You more or less answered. Thanks)

Maybe if all three of you guys talk together, feasible solution could be found ?

Though I must say we (or I) don’t another room correction SW :slight_smile:
But I hope that won’t stop any Roon integration.

May I kindly ask you about some comments when you find the time about how you think this SW can be used in conjunction with Roon and an endpoint. (As I suppose direct from a PC is possible, but normally not the preferred way to use Roon).

What can Roon do, and what do you think Roon are willing to do ? Is VST the only solution ? Are there other options ?
What do you think @Carl_Henrik_Janson could do. Can he change something in his SW ?

Maybe you like to develop something similar :slight_smile: (Of cause you will not tell)

So you do have a horse in this race…

I hope you don’t see that as a disadvantage :slight_smile:

We need highly skilled people around that can contribute. Also the tread you’re refer to has nothing to do with his SW, and if you read the tread, he is trying to give some kind advice to the development team.

What is this program doing to the audio signal?

This is not so much about skill as it is about architecture – VSTs have little (if any) place in a multi-platform, distributed audio world where servers are running headless, controls are seperate and endpoints/zones are as lightweight as can be. IMO the PC as interface and output for audio is going the way of the dodo.

@brian spoke about VST/AU here:

I think it is time to let this one go.


@jussi_laako, I agree that you are pointing to relevant obstacles in the context of VST plugins, but if anyone made a top 1000 list of interesting and/or proven plugins, we could anticipate that many a Roon user would be very interested. There is a lot of good stuff available,

But note this: Except for Android, which in Roon deviates from the other platforms e.g. with the lack of equalizer, it is perfectly possible to deliver plugins with VST/AU compliance on Linux/OSX/Windows. I do it myself, produced through scripting; a few lines of code. So it is not a MAJOR obstacle and those on OSX would be accustomed to OSX plugins and those on Windows…etc

DSD and VST are not in compliance, this is correct

I just played this demo on my really horrible PC speaker. Have fun. I was impressed.

My name was mentioned so please let me make a general comment as follows:

If Roon implemented the VST host API as defined by Steinberg, then numerous VST plugins would be available for integration into the audio stream. It can be equalizers and a lot of other things of interest to audiophiles or those searching an option to manipulate and play with audio intonation, etc, etc.

Without VST host feature, users must suffice with whatever Roon is or will be offering, like e.g. equalizer. This will evidently be a minor subset only of what the VST world currently offers.

The last option is to send the audiostream via a virtual sound card or similar and further on to another third party VST host, and then finally to some stereogear and speakers. The major drawback of this strategy is that it will soon collide with the multiroom features, which is one of Roon’s strong points. Why? Because the audio stream is sent away from roon and cannot be retrieved.

Hence all this fuzz about VST hosting. Hope this short explanation helps those not trained in VST usage :slight_smile:

@Danny. SoundPimp? It is (1) error corrective (in a preventive manner in the digital domain) for so called crosstalk errors generated in the acoustic domain between Loudspeakers and ears, and (2) for errors generated by the listening environment (room acoustics). SoundPimp can read e.g. REW room correction.

@NickB, in the context in which we were discussing last time; about overblown cpu startup usage, again: Not correct.

@RBM, I cannot agree. As an example, we can easily imagine the advanced audiophile roon user would like to adjust for room acoustics in each room that takes part in the multiroom setup. Imagine these are not alike! This could be done at whatever Roon node, be it the server, a bridge, or …

It would be a good thing to do this setup on the roon server via a purchased plugin that a third party is already offering.

The less elegant alternative is to inject the VST / DSP feature at the outlet of the Roon bridge. For example on my vintage MacBook air that has been subject to intentional sligths at several occasions in this forum, it hosts the Roon server, but Roon is unaware that it is sending the audio stream to a VST host that does the much-in-demand audio enhancements granted by the vst plugins. And after that, the stream is heading for the DA converter etc.

This is how I do it. Wouldn’t it be better if I did this inside Roon, preferably as a VST plugin?

The answer from my user perspective is a Yes, no doubt about that. All this audio routing that I need to do; it is a mess.

In OSX you can run plugins easily by using Apples own AULab software. It’s a virtual mixer with plugin funtionality.

Sound terrible out of phase