Are you satisfied with Qobuz?

Yes and works well with roon.

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Very satisfied with Qobuz, yes.
I also subscribe to Tidal for any music that might not be available in Qobuz (and vice-versa), but my primary service is Qobuz.

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American’s we have a generalizations regarding the French. Now I’m from Texas, sometime we like to not tell people we from the US we say we’re from Texas. Now one in the engineering community is the French will sell the latest tech to any one and any country as if the US would not.

I’m also from Texas, could you please translate?


Smoked to much that night.

Starting my 3rd year of Qobuz next month. It’s the best for me. :star_struck:


They are down to one Anne Bisson album now and it is one I already ripped to my library. They just have so many holes in their catalog.

I have been using Qobuz non stop since it first opened shop here in the USA.
And a couple months too prior to official start date as a beta tester.

Dropped Tidal like the hot potato it is.

Very happy customer here.


Yes had it since it was added to Roon. Some missing content but that just prompts me to buy more which is a good thing for the artists concerned.


I am still a happy Sublime+ subscriber after two years. I will renew for a third year in November without hesitation.

I also subscribe to Apple Music for the family plan and use it on the rare occasion, but my family uses it constantly and have no interest in Qobuz or Roon. That is my own happy hobby combo. :heart:

Same here. Happy Sublime subscriber. And they just dropped the price to $179.99!

Wow, Canadian(?) money is discounted that much against American? Doesn’t seem right.

Sounds close, I was offered ( and accepted) a year for $149.95 if paid in full up front so it’s close.

Now seems it has dropped to $129.95 … I should have waited :laughing::rofl:

I’m in the US.

Ah OK, forgot there was a level above Premier.

I have been using Qobuz for about 4 months. I really like it and I have eclectic music tastes from Hard Rock to Jazz to Classical and lots in between. Qobuz just announced a price reduction.

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In UK they are offering the chance to pay for a year from 1 September at the new rate and get a pro rata refund i.e. tap into £129.99 immediately.

Be nice if they did that here too, think I changed to the $149 for the year in late May.
We will see…

If it cheers you up at all, at current exchange rates, you are already paying far less than me.

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Oh I am not complaining,I left the UK for a couple reasons…lol