Are you satisfied with Qobuz?

Nah, pretty accurate. The first sentence is a bit bungled, but it’s also a bit grammatically complex, and the words are there, so I’m sure the gist comes across just fine. Elsewhere, the idioms obviously don’t translate well, but that’s to be expected…

Deepl is generally better than gTranslate for euro languages btw (and it also chokes on idiomatic French, good training sets are difficult to come by).

Are you expecting to need lots of customer service, @Gigatoaster :slight_smile:

I had a few trial subscriptions over the years, and liked it very much. Eventually stuck with Tidal (and Spotify) because of the possibility of attractively priced family subscriptions and perhaps a slightly better suited selection of my listening needs. But I was very pleased with Qobuz, I have to say. I liked the interface and suggestions way better than those of Tidal.

But try it out, they offer those trials precisely for that reason!

I have no idea whether the French are ahead of, or behind, the US in technology (though if the excellent TV series The Bureau is even an approximate match to reality, I’d say they are about on par)…but, currently, the French make some of the best headphones in the world (I own two pairs from Focal).

After being a Tidal sub on and off for a few years, I switched to Qobuz and paid for the annual subscription.

To my ears, I felt Qobuz sounded a bit smoother in the high frequencies but that’s so subjective it’s probably inappropriate to mention it.

Sometimes I think I prefer Tidal’s mobile app but not sure.


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Its very up and down as a service if you ask me, too many outages.

Yes, I am satisfied with Qobuz.

I highly recommend Qobuz (especially if you are comparing it to TIDAL). I love all genres but Classical is one of my favorite. Qobuz and TIDAL have very similar catalogs but with Qobuz you get a LOT more Hi-Res albums…a LOT!! The other big advantage of Q is they do not have a MAX. I’ve had TIDAL since its inception and reached their arbitrary maximum of 10,000 albums. Since then, I could not save any additional albums in My Library. Now I use Qobuz for almost all of my Library additions.
I do wish that Roon had a switch to allow you to see Qobuz or TIDAL FIRST when searching or browsing but that’s not too big a deal.

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I had Tidal and Qobuz for several years. Over a year I studied what I’d be missing if I stopped Tidal. I figured I might miss about five good singles and an album or two a year. The smaller artists in R&B and some pop artists aren’t represented as well in Qobuz as Tidal. It is a fairly small difference, and I can now just buy what I miss from Qobuz at Bandcamp, where smaller artists have a place.
I haven’t regretted cutting the cord with Tidal. I have no problem with them, but I’d rather spend the extra hundred dollars on music and beer.


I live in the US and have had a Qobuz subscription since the days when you could only subscribe if you could set up a European account which I was fortunately able to do. I have never had any problem with it. I had a customer service question as I moved my account from the UK to the US Qobuz, and it was handled quickly and helpfully.
I still prefer to own the music that I particularly like, so have a Sublime subscription and really appreciate the opportunity to buy high res versions at prices lower than CD quality.
I do now access Qobuz almost exclusively through Roon, a combination that I find super easy to use and which provides a great way to enjoy music, but have no problem with the Qobuz direct interfaces.
I have been trialling Tidal, again through Roon, and for me it is much too pop oriented and makes it hard for me to stumble upon new music that I like. Something that Qobuz makes easy.
I wouldn’t hesitate to get a subscription for your mother.

Don’t forget Delage, Bugatti, Alpine, Citroen, Delahaye, etc.

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Cool…hadn’t heard of Deepl…will give it a try.

I’ve used Qobuz for a while and have an annual subscription. I’ve no complaints. Had to contact CS once and they got back to me quickly. One or two gaps in the catalogue, but you can’t have everything.

I like Qobuz, haven’t had any issues with it. I listen to lots of different genres, so I’m not going there for one specific thing. They seem to have fewer duplicates than Tidal, which might have 8 different versions of a single album. That and Tidal’s MQA goofiness is the main reason I use Qobuz.

I haven’t had any technical issues requiring Qobuz customer service. I find myself preferring Qobuz to Tidal. Partly because I prefer hi res FLAC to MQA but also their catalog and new releases are more in line with my current musical tastes. I’m very satisfied with Qobuz.


I find the customer service of Qobuz quite good as well. I ordered an album through their website and (out of several available versions) I chose one without artwork, which was an error on my part. I asked if I could get the artwork, since it was available with another version of that album. Qobuz CS contacted the label and sent me the artwork, free of charge within a fortnight.

I’ve been using Qobuz for about 6 months now and really like it. There are a few gaps in the catalogue which is mildly irritating - I could fill the gaps with Tidal, but it’s not worth the money for that and I’m not putting my money into a corporate that’s pushing MQA so heavily that it’s actively limiting user choice. I could also fill the gap with Amazon HD, but without Roon integration, I can’t use the convolution and crossfeed filters when using cans, which make up about 70% of my listening time. I know there are other ways to achieve EQ and crossfeed, but most of the ways I’ve looked at it are painful to apply by comparison.

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I have French ancestry and thought this was hilarious.

Good to see some good sense of humour - clearly your non-French side !! :grin:

On Qobuz: the gaps in Qobuz catalogue (most non-major label releases) that I’ve experienced have been chipped away at nicely, the past 12 months.

I’ve been in contact with one of their catalogue people and they gave me estimates when this and that catalogue was expected to be added and slowly but surely things came to Qobuz.

If the past 12 months is anything to go by (in terms of catalogue gaps closing) then I expect by end of this year I probably won’t notice a difference between Tidal and Qobuz catalogues.

They’re doing a good job in my experience.


I love it. The sound is great. And I like the fact that digital booklets are available for many if not most albums. Streaming is great but I also like to be able to buy the occasional album as some albums can become unavailable and if you’ve bought it you have it forever. I haven’t had much reason to contact customer support but the one time I did they were fine. I think the original Qobuz went bust but it was taken over and the new people are fine. Works just great with Roon.

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The main problem I have with Qobuz Vs tidal is the flood of out if copyright albums. Qobuz doesn’t filter them out as well as Tidal.

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