Are you satisfied with technical support from Roon?

Xekomi, I love Roon as a product. Much better than Volumio in many regards. I have no intention of cancelling my services with them.

I was hoping their support would be better than Volumio (which with Tidal was an absolute nightmare). I guess I was wrong.

I can answer you question by posting a link about my experience with support.


Most issues with Roon are fixed with the help of this community, rarely an issue is beyond the experience of other users

People tried to suggest ways out , which in this case didn’t solve the problem. My guess is most issues don’t get to Support cos they don’t need to

I sympathize with your plight but ranting will not elicit community help in the future

My 2 p :face_with_monocle:


I understand your frustration. But I’d, with respect to you, say you got off to a bad start here at the forums. Starting off with an all caps I WILL ESCALATE was not a good idea. This is a generally friendly and helpful forum and that approach didn’t go over well.

My advise is to say, hey, I overreacted. Apologies, and I’d like to start over. And that I do appreciate other users that did chime in trying to help me solve the problem.

I think once you get things working well, you’ll find roon stable. And you’ll find this forum very helpful in expanding the value of your roon use.


Many Roon technical support issues are user created problems due to inadequate home network connectivity.




Then please consider hiring a local kid to build you a ROCK’d NUC. Seriously: even if you do it yourself, the whole process will take you less time than the troubleshooting of some weird problem you did today.

And not to be too patronising, but please remember to be considerate of support staff, not just at Roon but elsewhere: we’re a tough crowd, and these are rough times.


I think any service provider should be able to help you better if you first provide a clear description of your problem and of your system. For instance, what does “stuck during loading” mean? Admittedly, providing more details won’t necessarily speed up the staff response time. But meanwhile maybe someone on this forum can help if you focus on of the operational problem rather than on Roon’s quality-of-service (which we do not control).

He provided a clear description of the symptoms and his setup. And logs.

It’s not his fault that the symptoms and logs provided no messages or guidance as to where to look.

But yeah, he came on a little strong when he got no response. First world problems and whatnot.

The recommendation of “building” (actually it takes little effort) a NUC to “house” ROCK is a great and fun option.

Every once in awhile, I will play Roon/Qobuz and songs begin to skip or stop etc. I reboot the NUC.

If it continues, I reboot my router and NUC.

If it continues, I assume that it is Qobuz, and I put on a CD.

The other day, the NUC did not see my Auralic G2 as an endpoint. I rebooted the G2.

Several times my Elac Discovery Z3 (have two; don’t get me started on that purchase decision) endpoints would drop out, one or the other or both. I played a CD instead.

My system is very simple and direct. If it does not work, I assume the Gods will work it out so I pet my cat.

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Rewarding the cat after it has sneakily been messing with your set up is counterproductive :wink:

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What could be more rewarding to oneself than petting a cat…


Many, many things. Patting a dog for a start.


They were very timely for me. Very satisfied!


Apologies Sergio. Lots of cynical Roon fanboy reactions here. Used to be a generally friendly and helpful forum.


I never ask for tech support, sometime they not seating there waiting for me. This forum is amazing, they here 24/7 all over, They are the best.

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Roon helped me no problem when I had a problem.
A little patience is all you need.

One gets back what one sends out.


It still is a friendly and helpful forum if approached in the right way :smiling_imp:

I personally think the OP was correct in saying what he wanted to say, and the usual fanboi ‘rebuttal attitude’ is rather disrespectful to someone’s feelings - I’m confident none of the roon mods and owners need a herd mentality to ‘enforce and police’ others. They should not allow this kind of behaviour to be tolerated. Ultimately it will undo any users joy of being here and using roon.

@dylan @danny - your thoughts?


And, in the same vein, maybe you can stop calling satisfied Roon customers “fanboi.” The OP was criticising Roon because he wasn’t satisfied with how long it took to get support help on a weekend. He was also trying to use email which is not how Roon does support.

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