Argerich plays Chopin '65 recording has totally wrong track names

Martha Argerich’s 1965 Chopin recording has totally wrong tracks identified. It’s all just the Piano Sonata duplicated for all tracks. Is there any way to get this fixed?

Hi, @Mike_Pinkerton, sorry to bring bad news, but this album has wrong metadata from Rovi, our metadata source.

Unfortunately, in this case you have to use WORK/PART tag manually and then in the Album Metadata preferences, you should change Composition/Part Grouping to Prefer File Data.

Sorry for inconveniences!


Thanks @ivan for confirming. Can you work with Rovi to get this fixed, or at least alert them to the problem?

A related question, if I may. Are ROON users’ edits being used to upgrade the Rovi database? Is there an effort by Rovi or Roon or whomever to systematically upgrade the DB as defects are uncovered? If so, does whomever have stats to support such effort, e.g., a spreadsheet with changes made?

@Mike_Pinkerton, we will send Rovi a letter about this album, thanks for pointing it out.