Argon Audio uncertified but it appears as a certified device on the Roon website (bis)

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I have seen the exact same request for support in a different post yet that one is closed.

I have bought an Argon Audio Solo streamer a week ago as a Roon ready device and it is “Uncertified”. Going with a browser on the IP address of the Solo to execute a software update or upgrade, I need to select a file for this which I don’t have.

Asking for support on Argon audio ( twice, I get no answer.

Any last advice or help before I return the product ?


It’s in the list of certified Roon Ready kit so should be showing up OK. It could possibly need a firmware upgrade, best keep checking with Argon I’d have thought.

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I know it is supposed to be Roon ready but it’s not… And going to the IP address of the Solo I see no file to select for an update in my case.

I have contacted multiple time Argon Audio this week but got no answer.

I am ok to exercice patience one or two more weeks, yet if someone has a useful tip I’ll take it.

Thanks anyway.

@support Can you clarify whether the Argon Solo is Roon Ready please. And assuming yes given it’s in the list of Roon Ready devices, have you any suggestions as to why it’s not showing up in Bruno’s system as such. Thks.

Hey @Phil_Wright,

The answer is yes:

Hey @Bruno_Standaert,

We’re so sorry about the trouble… :pensive:

What @Phil_Wright said is exactly so: without the latest firmware upgrade, the device will show as uncertified in Roon. Contacting Argon Audio to find out how to update to the latest firmware is the best next step. Sorry there’s an extra one before enjoying your device…

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