Aries Mini via Chord Qutest DAC upsampling issue [Solved, Aries Mini spec]

I have just treated myself to the Chord Qutest DAC. I am however, having connection issues.

When I connect the Aries to Qutest via USB, which I intended to be my connection of choice, I find that if I upsample to 768mHz I get white noise as well as the music. At any other, lower rate, it works fine. When I connect the DAC directly to my Mac Mini all is fine at 768mHz.

The white noise is not continuous however, several seconds of music only, then periods of white noise and music.

I tried reducing the bit rate to 24, leaving the upsampling rate at 768mHz and still the white noise.

  1. Mainly because of issue 1, I therefore decided to connect the Aries Mini to DAC via Coax. I then found that the maximum rate at which anything would play is 192mHz despite the DAC being capable of 384mHz via coax.

Does anyone have any similar experience of these issues, Would I be correct in blaming the Aries Mini for these issues? If so, does anyone have any suggestions.


Hi Peter

Your Aries is limited to 384kHz on it’s USB output :disappointed_relieved:

You’ve paid good money for Rob Watt’s work. Just let his FPGA & his filters do all the work :grinning:

If you really want to up-sample to PCM768kHz to the Qutest over the network, the Sonore ultraRendu supports this very reliably.

Hope this helps.

Cheers for that.

I had seen the website info but was unsure if that refered to the in built DAC as opposed to outputs.

I had my suspicions of the Aries though.

I will indeed do some back to back listening without any up sampling and compare.

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