ARM Device Case Envy

There is an increasing market for cases for the small ARM devices that can be used as endpoints. The object of this thread is to upload images that make your fellow hobbyists cry with rage and envy at the beauty of your case, whether homemade or purchased.

@fritzg inspired this thread with this post showing the following case he has for his BBB:

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Here are some pics of the Bryston BDP-Pi

Ha… Fun! :slight_smile:

Here’s my Pi2 with HifiBerry Digi+, clad in metal, RoonBridging my main rig through S/PDIF:

And my Pi3 with IQAudio DAC+ in the IQ smoked case, feeding a pair of AKG K550:

And then there’s a Cubox-i1 feeding a Meridan F80 in the master bedroom. It looks like a Cubox. :slight_smile:

Keep 'm coming… @Sloop_John_B – there’s your chance to shine!

Well as you ask, it’s cheap and plastic, poorly cable dressed - but at least it’s black!


This is my approach of my low audiophile audioplayer.

It has a 2W audio amp inside. Unfortunately the screen interface is currently a mockup and I hope to be able to do something nice when the Roon API is ready…


Using this one on my BBB, but I really liked the one @fritzg uses :slight_smile:

At THE Show Newport this year i spend some time talking to Jason Lim, the founder of NuPrime and asked if it might be possible to buy an empty chassis for a DAC-9 as i thought it would be cool to use that as a matching case for my Raspberry Pi next to my IDA-8, especially with the API news.

He has made a post on the NuPrime forum on Audio Circle with with a prototype drawing that i was hoping y’all could offer some feedback on, since most of y’all are a lot more knowledgeable that I on these things.

Essentially the case would be modified to have pre-drilled holes for a Pi + HD/SD as well as a version that uses the NuPrime uDSD Dac for 299-449 or so.

Here are the drawings:

Hi Kevin,

My comment is about Roon architecture, more than about the case itself. I expect that with non-Roon operation the HD/SSD would usually be accessed by the RPi running some DLNA/UPnP audio software and the audio stream then sent to an offboard DAC via USB or Coax out and to the onboard DAC and analog out (where the unit has a DAC).

In Roon architecture the RPi can operate as an endpoint running Roon Bridge and receive a RAAT audio stream but it is not able to run a Core (too low spec). Since the audio stream must go through a Core in Roon, that would mean sending the music from the HD/SSD as a network drive over Ethernet to the Core and then back to the RPi as an Output. Roon really prefers having the music storage in or close to the Core rather than connected to an endpoint.

The proposed modularity might enable a model to be offered without the HD/SSD, as Roon users would usually have either a NAS or storage connected to the Core.


I probably wasn’t clear in my post. The case would be made to so drives could be added but they wouldn’t be included with the device, as far as i know. When i initially spoke with him i explained what you just typed above and understand how it all works. Id just take the Pi out of the current case, mount a power switch and use this was pretty much the gist.

Though since not everyone uses Roon the option to add a drive, especially given the space available seems to be a good one to me. He also thought to add the uDSD board which for Roon users would allow for an endpoint+DAC device should people want that.

The goal i believe is to be configurable. For Roon users like myself who just want a case that either matches their gear or looks like audio equipment the 299 version with out a dac would be the way to go. It should also be tall enough for someone to use a Pi and a Pi DAC or the like as well. Or say someone buys the version with a DAC but instead of a drive uses a class D amp module and replaces the RCA outs with terminals. You could essentially build yourself a raspberry pi based integrated running Roon bridge for easily less than 1k.

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