Art Director: logos are not good for avatars

This is false. It is recommending you do not upload a logo for Roni Size because he is an individual. Try to upload for a band, and it’ll tell you that you may upload a logo.

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Sorry but that is very confusing

When I see this message on all the images i checked I’m convinced i shouldn’t upload logos…
The reject reason ‘is not a picture from the artist’ also drives me in the same direction.

Also i don’t like logos on the artist avatars…
I only want to see logos as avatar when no real picture exists… It should be a user option to either prefer logo or picture imo…

By the way Roni Size as an individual also has a logo… as many other electronic artists…

Yes, but the instructions clearly state that you should not upload a logo. If you do, it’ll probably be rejected. too many rejections and you lose your ability to use Art Director.

Your recourse here is to either vote on non-logos or use your own image in Roon.

Did you see the message on a band? Here:

I’m not sure I understand the confusion. I’m happy to change the text if you could help me understand.

Please clarify, I don’t understand.

The goal for avatars is to convey the artist distinctly from others when shown in a field of many artists. A logo does indeed do that. Also, in many cases, a logo if far superior than the alternative. The Rolling Stones as a far more iconic logo than trying to fit 4 dudes into a circle. Same goes for the using beautiful LSO logo rathering than showing another random orchestra in a circle. In many cases, there are bands that just don’t have good “circle” photos, but have a perfectly acceptable logo.

If you don’t like logos, favorite a non-logo. Your only real input into this system is a positive vote.

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I like the artist logos ideas and I agree with you completely on how they are useful, but the issue is that some people prefer the logos over photos, even when the photo avatar looks great. I have noticed that artist logos are appearing in my Roon even when there are good avatar images in the art director. Numerous artists in my Roon now have logos instead of picture avatars…it seems like some users prefer the logos so they are voting for them. The potential issue I see is that if some users prefer avatar photos and others prefer logos, there will be this constant back and forth of people voting for one or the other.

Here is a good example where the Incubus band logo is shown as the avatar, yet there are a couple of photo avatars that look great.


@danny I will clarify my own experience:

all the artists where I clicked on ‘improve this photo’ where accidently all single artists. So with every click Art Director told me to NOT upload logos (side note: there were many electronic artist which do have logos as single artist and not as a band - where also the logo might be much more representing than the actual picture)

This gave me the impression that logos were not recommended.
The reject option: ‘This is not a artist picture’ also drives me in the same direction. Because a logo is per definition not a picture of the artist…

Hence I also was rejecting logos… because I (wrongly) assumed this was not recommended.

I agree however that logos can have their use and place, but I still think an avatar and a logo are 2 totally different representations of an artists. I prefer pictures above logos, but if no picture is present, a logo would do fine… but others might prefer it the other way around. I still feel that there should be 3 kinds of images: picture avatars / logo avatars / banners.
For avatars, I would like to see a user option to either prefer logo or artist picture, and when the preferred option does not exist, but the other option does exist, it’s shown this way.
(a toggle switch between logo / picture would be awesome)

This will also lead to a more generalised way of voting…

just my 2 cents


Also, we may need to consider long standing bands where an image could be recent or when they were much younger, which does one choose? Which is more representative and to whom?
A logo in this case would be perfect, as in say, The Rolling Stones…

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We will be rolling out new UI today/tomorrow w/ updated rejection text to make this more clear.


Its started to annoy me greatly seeing artist pictures that I really like replaced with a logo or something that I don’t like. Its one thing to not have a choice when you start using software but to have a choice then have it taken away is something that really irks me.
I guess, like all change, I will eventually get used to it but changes like this are gradually chipping away at my resolve and loyalty.

Luckily for Roon there is no other similar software package I would bother with at the moment.

What choice did you have before, that you lack now?

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The choice we had before was that we could choose our own artist images and decide to use or change them when and how we wanted.

For me that was a pretty important choice to have. I could decide how my favorite artist looked on my living room tv when I listened to them. I really enjoyed that.

Besides, it’s a bit of a strange argument;

‘You never had a choice in A and B, therefore you should accept that we give you no choice in C where you previously did have a choice in how to use C.

That’s a non sequitur. From the fact that we never had a choice in A and B does not logically follow that we should find it normal that we should not have a choice in C when we previously did have that choice.

I fully understand that the decision is not up to me. But I find it a bit frustrating that an option that I really enjoyed is being taken away.

You still have that choice, no? artist → edit → image


Thanks @danny. There seems to have been a misunderstanding on my side.

But that’s what I wanted to ‘hear,’ that my choice of artist pictures will stay intact for now and the future.

Thanks again. :grinning: :+1:t2:

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But, that forces a choice onto users who care what artist images they look at. Keep the images you want, or, use Art Director and hope the image you desire is chosen.

Wouldn’t it be better to capture those who care a lot about artist pictures into the Art Director path, by allowing a user to choose which approved and cropped Art Director image is best for them. That way the work they are going to do for their own benefit can benefit others


Before Art Director, users could always add their own, but they had zero say on what photo(s) we provided for display in Roon.

After Art Director, they do have a say. It’s not the final say, but it is something.

As for the thing you want, which is to have “per-user selection for photos via Art Director”, that’s an interesting idea, but not what Art Director does. There are details about that idea that would need to be resolved, and it’s unclear if some of those details would make an acceptable product.

So…a user selectable Art Director database of choice rather that take this or leave it?

I like the concept.

It sounds like a win-win for all involved depending on implementation.

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Correct me if I am wrong but aren’t you going to remove the option for a user to prefer their own image?

I have in the past used this function to load an image for an artist that I much preferred over the original, already some artist images have changed but more importantly the setting that once had “prefer my file/image” (or whatever it said) now defaults to Valence.

Also what happens to an image that I have loaded where previously there were none? Are they automatically overwritten when someone else comes across this artist and using Art Director uploads a new image. Because the option to prefer my file is no longer preserved my image will just disappear, is this correct?

I believe you saw something in alpha that never made it to production.

The default was not changed. I believe you are mistaken.

Why do you believe this? It’s not true. Nothing in this area has changed.

In the UI, besides the layout of the image, the only thing that has changed is the Roon option in the edit UI was changed to Valence. It has been a cosmetic change. Defaults or preferences or your choices have been impacted in any manner.

If you had previously chosen a custom image, this build will do nothing to override that.

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I’ll double check when I am home but I checked an image I had uploaded (way before Art Director) and it was set to Valence.

You are of course correct, I went through and checked every image I had added to my artists, only one had changed to Valence (and it had to be the one I looked at first of all), I can only think I made a mistake somewhere along the line with that artist.

My apologies, would it be better if my post was removed?