Article on DAR about Roon 1.3

and buy some Kef LS wireless to complement…ohoh mr Darko :wink:

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In order to sonos support, it will be possible to send the audio at a group of sonos devices at the same time? I’ve two play1 and one sub in the same room and I would like sending the audio at the group…

yes, this will work. However, you can not sync non-sonos and sonos devices… the sonos devices live in a grouping bubble.

Glad I purchased the lifetime subscription! Any word on vertical scrolling options?

About 10,000 words, see [Feature request - ability to choose to scroll vertically instead of horizontally]
(Vertical scrolling [On Roadmap])

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Will it work sending audio to a Sonos stereo pair ?

Roon can send audio to Sonos stereo pairs, but you can’t create them in the Roon app. You need to make the stereo pair in the Sonos app, and then send music using Roon.

I think sonica speakers might work that way too…must try later.