Artis Focus Issues

Here’s an example of the problems with the focus function. If I enter “the” I get the following:

As you can see, it’s a list of all artists with “the” in their name, mostly “The Band Name” but some like Anathema.

Now when I add “the a” you would expect a list of artists with those specific letters in sequence. This is what you get:

It’s a list of some artists with “the” and an a somewhere in the name. I say some because The Allman Brothers is conspicuously absent. Now when I enter “the al” you would expect The Allman Brothers. This is what you get:

No Allman Brothers.
Only after I type the entire name; The Allman Brothers Band does it finally display what I was looking for.

I think this is a peculiar way for the filter function to work. I’d suggest it probably should be more straight forward. When you type “the” it should display everywhere the text string “the” shows up. When you type “the a” it should do the same. Right now it doesn’t.

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