Artist - Adding Image

Have started the long-winded process of adding images for artists which don’t have any - about 1,400 in total in my library. Done 200 so far. Process involves:

  1. Select artists with no image in Roon (easy - Artists -> Focus -> Inspector -> Image Count
  2. Take a screenful (normally 28 on my screen), find image and save file - time consuming but easy - mainly google search or discogs.
  3. Convert images to size which Roon will scale - I find it easiest to do this with a ‘batch’ process (load a set of images - I do 30 at a time - into OSX Preview and resize them all to 1280 x 720.
  4. Add each image to each artist.

It’s step 4 which I find the most frustrating - involves Select Artist -> Edit -> Add Image -> Drop image -> Save - total of 7 mouse clicks.

So, would be great if we could have functionality which - when in ‘Artists’ mode - allowed drag and drop directly onto each artist - would be far quicker.

Less important - but useful when we get the ability to edit artist biography - to be able to drag and drop text onto artists (I have about 1,300 with no biography).


Yes, drag and drop onto artist image area would be infinitely easier. I don’t see any reason why this isn’t implemented. Perhaps the devs could comment. Won’t affect me too much, as I already went through my library and did it the hard way :slight_smile: