Artist album sorting

When browsing an artist albums, i wish i could arrange them by year, rateing etc’…

+1. Sorting by year of release appears to be a reasonable default.

There is a sort by release year. The default sort by Artist also sorts by release year (for each artist). The dumbest IMO is sort by album name. That one is pretty useless. I don’t use ratings except in a binary way. IE: it’s either good or it has no rating. The no rating albums are for curiosity (I’m talking to you Captain Beefheart). I never listen to them, so the no rating let’s me filter them out easily. If you carefully curate your album ratings, I can see how a rating sort might be useful.

Yes, there is a a sort by year, but it is not the default when you get to an artist’s albums page. Go to an artist’s page, click on View all Albums. It takes you to the Albums page with the artist in focus, but the sort is by artist, which is not really useful in this case. I’d have like to see it sort by release date by default. What is ironic is that on the Artist page, albums appear to be sorted by release date.

Mine are sorted by release date. I’m not sure why yours would be different. When I go to any artist in my library, click on View All Albums, it takes me to the Albums page with the artist in focus and all the albums are listed by release date. Is it possible some of your metadata is missing? If you don’t have release dates in the metadata, Roon can’t sort it. Just a thought. I like having my albums sorted by date, so I make sure everything has a release date.

This is one of the things that frustrates me intensely with Roon - very basic, yet important, options like sorting by Album Rating are missing and despite requests (I see many people requesting similar) still doesn’t exist. Perhaps it will appear at some point but updates come at glacial speed (another frustration) and life is short…

If the data exists in Roon then it should be able to focus on/sort by that data. Pretty simple.

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