Artist and Album Art Display WISH

I listen to playlists and queues containing multiple artists. I also mirror the image from my iPad to my large TV screen. I love all the album and artist art Roon enables. I like that I can choose from three different sizes of album art in one of the display views (losing other content accordingly). The ideal feature for me would allow me to:

  1. choose what artwork I want to be displayed when playing songs as part of a playlists or queue. For example, I may want to see the artist artwork (instead of the album art) when playing a Freddy Cole track, and then automatically have the artist artwork change when the Playlist/Queue changes to Steely Dan, etc. Similarly, I"d like to be able to select either/both of the two larger album art sizes and have the selected album art size change across different artist songs as they change in Playlist/Queue.
  2. I would be happy to have the existing information (file format, song title, lyrics, etc.) integrated into these images, or have a choice of what info to be displayed.

Thanks for consideration

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