Artist and Album artwork not showing in iPad remote

Core Machine (Operating system/System info/Roon build number).

IMac. It and Roon up to date.

Network Details (Including networking gear model/manufacturer and if on WiFi/Ethernet)

All connected with Ethernet.

  • Netgear Nighthawk Router
  • SOtM network hub/switch

Audio Devices (Specify what device you’re using and its connection type - USB/HDMI/etc.)

Zenith Innuos SE
SOtM Tx- ultra USB regenerator
Simaudio Moon 280D

Description Of Issue

Artist and album artwork (suddenly) showing only in very small number numbers. Shows on Core. Shows in Chromecast display. Since Now Playing update, have been adding lots of png artist art. Have increased artwork Memory to 1536 with no impact on artwork display. When I rebooted all devices and software, artwork reappeared briefly, but disappeared except for 9 of 3337 albums and 96 of 1996 artists. I have 9038 images.

Hi @Bruce_Orr,

Does this same behavior occur if you use a different remote device?

I don’t really have another similar remote. Works fine on my iPhone. When I open the iPod/Roon remote, the first page or so of artists or album art is visible. If I select random artists, no graphics are available on the remote. However, the remote displays all images correctly via Chromecast on my TV.

If I scroll thru every page to ensure all albums load, then go back to artists, there is no artwork. When I open the artist info as if to edit, the artist art area shows a spinner suggesting its trying to load - but without making progress.

Hi @Bruce_Orr,

Can you confirm the details on the remote device that is experiencing this issue? What model iPod is it?

IPad IOS 12.2.

Part one
Just fired it up. For the moment, all artwork is available. Will monitor to see if it again disappears while playing over time.

What are the “instabilities” that can result when using higher settings for photo/artwork? Is that what I might have been experiencing? Why would Chromecast have shown all artwork, but not the iPad remote? What affect should png files have vs. JPEG, if any?

Thanks for the counsel and help.

Part Two
Whoa Nellie!!
Problems springing up again. Artist file Sonny Stitt. IPad not showing added artist photo. Shows nothing. Upon entering ‘edit’ shows spinning disc trying to load Roon-supplied artwork. Added art shows in edit window. Album window displays album art but Now Playing window shows neither Artist nor Album Art. Chromecast shows all, including rotating 4 other primary artist photos.

Have now just checked All Artist view. Artists show only on page 1 and very last page.

Same thing with Album Art with a few exceptions where a single album is displayed correctly on a page.

Overview window same thing. Only one photo showing in Genres. Similar spotty display in Tidal windows. Nothing in Composers.

Yikes! Definitely need help.

Part 3
Left Roon/Chromecast playing. Shut down and reopened Roon on iPad. All artwork displays. Then within minutes it all starts disappearing!

Follow-up: All artwork loads quickly upon launch of iPad Roon Remote. However, within a relatively short time, it starts to vanish. All artwork displays with Chromecast regardless.

If I close and reopen Roon remote on iPad, artwork all reappears and then disappears again.

I appreciate your help ASAP.

Thank you


Hi @Bruce_Orr,

Since this occurs only on the iPad and not the iPhone, it sounds like it may be related to the memory available on the iPad.

  • Can you confirm what model of iPad it is?
  • Can you try increasing the images memory further and see if that improves things?
  • Are there other apps running in the background?

It is an iPad 5th Generation (no other info on model type ptovided)

Capacity 32GBs
Available 11.99 GB

No other apps running as far as I can tell.
Previous to this occurance I was running photos at next to highest setting without problems… I moved to the highest setting. Although I don’t know that it’s causal, I moved to the highest setting. Days later issue began occurring. I dropped back down a slot to where I was previously. Problem persists.


Actually I was at 1024MB originally. Jumped up on slot to the next-to-highest. Then back to 1024. Never went all the way!

What about deleting current Roon remote app and downloading again?

Thanks for the details here, @Bruce_Orr.

Yes, if you reinstall the app is there any change here?

Its too soon to say it has solved the album/art issue, but early evidence from yesterday was encouraging. We’ll see what happens today.

However, an unintended consequence from downloading a new version of Roon (actually a version that was saved in my app downloads) AND re-starting all hardware in the chain has been that DSD files no longer load.

??? This is crazy. SOS


I re-powered - shut down and unplugged - all hardware this morning, including Core-based iMac, SOtM switch, Zenith Innous endpoint and DAC

So far so good on album and artist art - Both are loading quickly.

Not so good on DSD. First 5 played fine. Then got slow loading message after each track started and then stopped. This is disappointing. Could use some help here!

Thank you.


Dylan, I’m pleased to report I have solved the slow-load audio issue. I simply turned on the Parallelize Sigma Delta Modulator after doing more research here in the community forum.

I’m pleased with the result, but admit to being disappointed Roon did not suggest this almost immediately. My problem is a common one from the posts here, and this solution addresses it for a large number of users. It could serve others well to more clearly connect the problem and solution in Roon’s knowledge bank. Even within the DSP window this item is described as something for “more challenging configurations”. For me, that descriptor is meaningless.

Thank you


Hi Dylan - After discovering slow audio file loading issue was solved by using the Parallelize Sigma Delta Modulator (PSDM), I learned a couple other things - perhaps common knowledge to most, but revelations to me;

  1. Once selected, the Roon Core had to be be re-started to activate the PSDM

  2. Background: my Roon Core is on an iMac in my office which is a secondary listening zone. A Roon Remote on an iPad is used in my primary listening room. If the iMac Roon Core has selected the secondary audio zone but is not playing AND the iPad Roon Remote
    has selected the primary audio zone and IS playing music, the PSDM will not work, despite being selected and activated. The iMac Roon Core and the iPad Roon Remote must both be dialed into the same zone for the PSDM to work in that zone using the Remote.

I hope that makes sense.

Hi @Bruce_Orr,

I’m glad to hear things seem to be working better for you here! I’ll be sure to update the KB based on this feedback, it’s appreciated!

Since reinstalling the iOS remote has the image loading been working better for you?

Dylan- Album/Artist Art is loading well now. Downloading the remote Roon app again (with saved settings) may have been part of the reason, but I would assume activating the Parallelize Delta Sigma Modulator. (DSP setting) contributed most significantly both to loading audio files and album/artist art.

Can you confirm for me that the PDSM would affect both?

Thank you


Hi @Bruce_Orr,

DSP settings could certainly affect playback, but it is unlikely that it would affect the display of artwork on a remote device.

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