Artist and album info buttons have vanished

Since last update, I no longer can see the buttons on the top right that select artist and album info. The lyrics, cover image, artist image, and album credit buttons remain. I rebooted tablet, streamer (Sonore UltraRendu) and server (Small Green Computer Sonic Orbiter i5).

I looked in settings, but don’t see any options to enable/disable these buttons.

Any suggestions? Thanks!

If you are talking about the now playing screen, at the end is a settings gear. Click it to turn on/off, arrange the buttons.

Yup. I tried that. All options enabled. No change.

Anyone? Please, this issue remains unresolved. I tried the settings tab, all the missing features are switched on, but don’t appear on the Now Playing screen. Super frustrated!

Unfortunately Roon support do not work the weekend so they will get to you when this ticket filters up the queue.
It’s a small support team so a little patience is requested.
Thank you.

Resolved…Roon Remote needed an update. All set now. Thanks!

Glad to hear it!

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