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I’m evaluating Roon, Currently using JRiver. Previously itunes I have spent countless hours downloading photos for various artists. It would be great whenever there is missing artwork, if you could just universally instruct Roon to use Roon image, or if there is no image, to select artist image from a folder that I specify. If I understand correctly, I would currently have to do this manually for each missing image. (?) It would be a good selling point for you to either increase the size of your image library, or make it more automatic to use my individual library. If you already enable this, Please direct me to the relevant directions, Roon sounds great and would buy it if this could be resolved, Thankyou, Rob

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Hey @Robert_Imhoff,

as of now it’s only possible to add artist images manually. About 2 years ago this information was posted in another thread.

An image must be at least 960px wide and have a aspect ratio greater than 1.55 to be given the full banner image treatment.

The pretty much sums it up. There is quite some room for improvement and your input would be a nice option of making the workflow smoother.

I think I solved it! I have hundreds of images in a file on a different drive. I messed around for about ten minutes, under Settings/Storage, I added the file which holds hundreds ofimages, all titled with the name of the band. I also increased the available size of the photos/artwork folder to 1024 GB under Setting/Setup. I restarted Roon, and now there are just a few grayed out squares. Previously there were hundreds. Hope this helps others - Thanks, Rob

Where did you add your image directory?

Hi Tony, Go to settings/storage, button “add folder” Add file tree location of folder with your images. But here are two more steps:

  1. Go to Settinghs/General: Allow for more covers and photos: YES
  2. Go to: Settings/Library/Import Settings/ Edit/ Artwork: check Prefer File.

Sorry for not mentioning these two steps above.

That is is so cool. I never heard that one before. Is that in the knowledge base?

What is the naming convention you are using for your jpg’s? So many people make these conventions really complicated with source, accreditation, resolution etc, and artist name hidden in there somehow. What is your naming convention with such high hit rates?

No, I don’t believe it is. Maybe I should be rewarded with a free membership!

All of the jpegs are titled with the name of the band or artist. If there are several photos of the same artist I just addfor instance Beachboys1 etc., so simple.

‘Allow more photos images’ is for how many album covers you see on the screen when browsing, it’s not for how many images are imported. Also 1024GB seems unnecessarily large for only a few hundred missing images. Does it still work if you switch the first option off and reduce the GB for images?

What’s news to me is that roon will “watch” a single folder of images. I had assumed the images had to be in the artist folders. This is a big, essentially insurmountable problem with classical libraries must of which will have been organised by composer.

If roon is working like that, is it not possible to point roon at a “cloud” image library. In principle that cloud library could be un-copyrighted. But I for one would be prepared to pay for an image subscription the same way I pay for an audio streaming subscription if the price was right. There would be a lot of possibilities, for example rotating artist artwork on “displays”

Hi Greg, In the beginning, I was being conservative to find a solution. I have since reduced to 500Gb . I have the room. You could experiment to find how low can you go.

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I’m finding that this only works for the catagory “Albums”, and not “Artists”. It seems that Roon will not let you provide your own images for Artists. If this is the case, Roon should hire an intern for a week to add images!

That is an interesting idea Tony! Roon should understand that images are very important

That’s a shame. It’s a big weakness in roon, artist artwork handling. When you start trying to fill in the gaps with your own artist artwork you will find that it is quite difficult to get art to work with the roon central text layout. In general you need art cropped hard to the right or left and that is difficult to find so you will end up doing a lot of image processing if it is important to you. I would much rather pay a subscription fee to someone else to do the work for me.

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Is anyone coming across tunesmap?

Is this a rival to roon or a partner? It’s available for apple, sonos and spotify so far. They are partnering with the labels, rovi and the magazine media so in principle you get a much richer experience than just with rovi. Liner notes as well as the reviews (and different reviews for that matter). And much better artwork. It is only a matter of time before they partner with high rez players and/or streamers I would imagine.