Artist bios not displaying correctly

Not sure if anyone has posted this, or if this is a known issue. Happens every time on my Samsung Galaxy Note Tablet. If the artist bio runs long enough, the text starts displaying bizarrely. I took a screenshot:

wow that is nuts… we will try to reproduce in-home.

does this happen only when you scroll down? and then fix on another bio?

Hi, no. This happens on every bio if it’s long enough. Thanks

Nice. Has kind of a Beetlejuice thing going there :smile:

does only the text later in the bio look like this or does the text early in the bio also look like this?

Only the later text in a bio. And let me expand on that – pretty much any text on screen that happens after a while, i.e. having to scroll to see. Here is an example of scrolling down the page under the “Discover” link: Every piece of text is warped. It’s a universal font display issue