Artist Browser: Please complete the 'Most Played' feature

When I’m playing music a favorite view is the Artist Browser with the sort set to ‘Most Played’. Now that I’m using this for a while the Artist Browser feels a bit incomplete, hence this feature request to complete it.

Here are the things that I miss:

  1. If you open the Focus dialog the options ‘Most Played’ and ‘Played in the last…’ are not available, but in my opinion they make perfect sense in the Artist Browser. The filter can make use of the number of played tracks from the artist, equal to what the ‘Most Played’ sorting does.
  • Since the number of played tracks is used for sorting (and hopefully filtering) it would be useful to have the number of plays in the lower right corner of the artist thumbnail, opposite to the number of albums.

  • When the Most Played sorting is used the alphabet selector is shown in the lower left corner of the screen, but all it does is showing a message that it cannot be used for this sort. Can it be hidden instead?

I hope these changes will be considered, they will further improve the Roon experience.

This is an wonderful idea!

And make this work at the same way in the Albumbrowser (if it’s not where already)

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Point 2 and 3 also apply to the Album Browser (point 1 is already in).

Showing the number of plays in the Album Browser can be an issue due to the limited space, especially when the ‘Allow for more covers’ option is enabled. It may also lead to confusion, as it may be interpreted as the number of plays of the complete album. On the other hand, the sorting is already based on the played tracks from the album…