Artist clean up

I am trying to clean up Artist data in my library.
I have seen how to add artist images (none for Alan Lomax!) but I also see that I have cases where albums have been assigned to multiple artists with the same name, when they are all one artist. How can I consolidate them since the name is already correct? All are set to use file tag data for artist
Here is a view of Artists. You can see three Artists named Alice - distinct from the artist named Alice (Japan). One Alice has 22 albums, another has an artist photo and has two albums the third has one album.

The first Alice artist page is shown below.

The second Alice artist page is shown below. Note that it found an artist photo but no bio.

The third Alice has no bio and no photo.

Another detail is that the single album assigned to the third Alice is not assigned to either of the other Alice artists. The two albums assigned to the first Alice are also included in the second artist. Those albums are duplicated in full - not orphan tracks.
How can these be consolidated? Thank you.

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