Artist details should preserve scroll positions of albums

Hard to explain this one, I try anyway… Let me give youan example:

I search for Jethro Tull, I have 11 albums with the band (just call me crazy;=). I look at the Tidal albums from the band, there are 31. Six of them are shown on a straight line (yes I know I can see them “All”, but that´s not my point). I then scroll to the right to album number 31, find out that´s not the one I am looking for, and then use the “Back” (blue arrow upper left corner) to go back one step. BUT it takes me ALL the way back, so I have to scroll and click to the right, to again get to album nr. 30, and so on and on…
It would be lovely if Roon would go ONE step back, but showed me actually what I was looking at the last time, and not go ALL the way back to album nr. 1

I hope this makes sense - I just need a BACK button that works similar to the one in Safari, and only takes me ONE step back

Love Roon!!!

best KnockKnock

Thanks @KnockKnock – If I understand your question correctly, I think you’re saying that the scrolling album panels are not maintaining their position.

So on an artist’s page, let’s say you start looking at albums 1-6, then you click the right arrow to look at albums 7-12.

Now, let’s you click album 9 (for example), then press back – at this point you’re saying you should be looking at the second group of albums (7-12), but instead the position has been reset? So you’re looking at the first group again (1-6)?

Did I get that right?

Hi Mike

Yes that’s correct


Ok, in that case, I agree – we have a ticket open already :wink:

Thanks @KnockKnock!