Artist Disambiguation: Camel

This week marked a brilliant catalog re-issue program by the British prog/rock band Camel, including a massive box set and upgrades to all their Decca recordings on streaming platforms.

One thing sticks out like a sore thumb - the two releases by a different Camel - apparently an indie rock outfit, drifting through from Qobuz to get mixed up with the um “real” Camel.

I see “After the Wave” and “Through the Wave” by them. Can we please get them out of the prog/rock Camel’s listings?


Hi @pscreed. Several of our providers have this wrong. I’ve reached out to them to get it sorted.

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@pscreed I believe that this is now fixed on our servers.

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Confirmed - I don’t see the other Camel mixed in there any more. That’s awesome. Thanks Joel!

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