Artist Discography Filter Enhancements

I would very much like the following enhancements to the Artist page Discography section. I primarily use the Discography to find albums that I have not heard.

  • Change the Library button to be a three way toggle so you can show just the albums that are NOT in your library. I’m aware of the Library icon on each album cover, but it is inadequate when dealing with an artist that has dozens of albums.

  • A button to show only live albums, only studio albums, or both. This would be super useful for artists with lots of live albums like the Grateful Dead. This could also be implemented by adding Live as a Type under Focus in Discography.

  • A button to only show one version of each album i.e. hide re-issues, re-masters, deluxe versions, etc.

Lastly, perhaps for Roon’s next crowd sourced data project, it would be great if Roon could find a way to optionally filter out all the garbage collections shown in the Artist’s Discography. For example, for the Grateful Dead, Roon shows 36 collections and most are total garbage (70s Gold, Yacht Rock 100, etc). Mixed in with that are a handful of good collections including a few film soundtracks (maybe they should get their own category) and well regard collections like San Francisco Nuggets.