Artist Discography not showing recordings

I was looking for a specific album. So I generally go to:
Artist →
Discography →
Start scrolling.

I spent some time looking for an album.

No none of those . . .
I really meant this one:

It is a local album.

Easier once in discography to use the filter, especially if there are a lot of albums.
Obviously this doesn’t help if the album isn’t there!

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I have that album in Tidal, not added to my library. When I go to the artist page > Discography, it is not listed, same as for you.
If I add the Tidal album to my library, it IS then listed on artist > Discography.
If I remove it from my library, it’s missing again

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Following the post title , I tried Alfred Brendel , as Albums there are 230, then switching the View to Recordings - absolutely nothing

Not a View I normally use, is it normally blank?

Is that what this post is about ?

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I just posted because when I select discography, I expected to see all of an artist’s available works. At the very least show me the albums I own locally.
When I actually select discography I get some random showing of stuff.

If I am being shown selected albums for artists I know, What is offered with new to me artists?

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