Artist displaying while playing music is not consistent?

Roon Core Machine

Windosw 10, Intel Core i5 7500, 8RAM

Networking Gear & Setup Details

ipTime AX3004ITL

Connected Audio Devices

USB, Bowers&Wilkins MM1

Number of Tracks in Library

6,299 tracks

Description of Issue

While playing music, I’d like to see the artist photo of current music by clicking the bottom left album icon because I use full screen for the roon. However, it doesn’t work for some of the albums. Some of the them it show the right artist but in some cases rather than showing the artist photo, it only shows album art. I tried to explicitly turn the option on to show the artist photo with the config at the top right. Still not showing the artist photo. Anyone having the same issue.

Hi @Sangwoo_Han

Welcome to our Roon community and thank you for your question. It sounds like you’re doing everything correctly.

If you choose the artist photo icon (see screenshot below) you should see a photo of the performer.

However, if there isn’t an image for the artist in Roon then the artist image icon won’t be present. This could be the cause for what you’re experiencing.

For instance, we don’t have an artist image for Johnny Ace in Roon, so the artist image icon doesn’t appear on that now playing page.

In these cases we can use your help! Our new Art Director feature allows our customers to add, position, and crop artist images in Roon. You can also vote on submissions from others in our Community.

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