Artist double listings

Hardly a new topic, I know, (I’ve seen posts about this issue from 2016) but I haven’t been able to find the answer. My Library lists all the music on my NAS and exclusively so. It’s all neatly organised in folders for each artist with subfolders for each album. There is a folder named Zappa-related, which contains multiple albums. One of these is Prophetic Attitude by Le Concert Impromptu & Bossini. I checked the MP3-tag and it lists both ARTIST and ALBUMARTIST spelled exactly like that.for all the tracks. In my artists’ list in Roon, however, I have 3 (!) entries: twice Le Concert Impromptu and once Le Concert Impromptu & Bossini (all three associated with this one single album, pointing to the same correct location on my NAS). The last one (with & Bossini) makes sense, but why the other two separate entries for Le Concert Impromptu? Now, when importing my collection into Roon I did select ‘prefer Roon’ for ‘album artist’, but it seems to have mixed its own data with the file data and to have done it twice. And it seems I cannot delete the superfluous artist entry. Any advice is appreciated.