Artist editor - ability to add member to band

Perhaps I can’t find it but I’m unable to locate a field where I can enter members to a group.

I can add artists to a specific album but not on group level

Is this an overnight or a deliberate choice?


I have the same problem. I have several CDs from a group that is not in Roon’s database. The group appears as a Performer after I imported the CD but I have no way of adding the names of the group’s members. Groups that Roon has info on include group members.


Very important feature for me.

Would like to see thuis feature too.

Hi all,

most things in Roon are quite self-explanatory. But I haven’t found out how I can edit the artist page of a band/ensemble/chamber orchestra etc. and make sure the names of all the members show up…

Is this possible at all? If it isn’t (yet), I’ll move this post to Feature Requests…

Any advice will be greatly appreciated!

Looks like a band member field could be added to the Artist (edit) page. Feature request.

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Hi all,

since this feature doesn’t seem to exist (yet), I’ve moved the whole thread here. If it DOES already exist, please let me know how it works. Any help will be greatly appreciated.


I asked for this about 1 year ago already…

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Thanks for letting me know. I hadn’t seen your request before my post. In fact, when I started this topic I was more or less sure that I just didn’t know how the whole thing works. I hadn’t really expected that this feature simply doesn’t exist.

I’ve merged the topics, so all the requests are together.

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Thanks a lot, Carl.

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yes, i think that edit artists is important

  1. add infos (website and other data)
  2. add (or remove) members to groups
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+1 for this feature

Has there been any development on this, or is it still not possible to add artist info to groups not in the Roon database?

I’m just posting here to say that I’d love to see this feature added. The ability to add individual members to a group would be a nice time saver. As you add new albums from that group to your library, you wouldn’t have to go into them and add the members each time.

Yup, that’s what I’m lookin for too.
Group member, date of signing in/off, updating group members automatically when one dies
If you brainstorm about the topic it get’s more complex the longer you think of…
But I’d really like to have it added…

+1 for me too. Would be nice to have this feature.

Yes please please add this! I don’t understand how it’s not there already but it’s definitely needed

Agreed - same problem here.

[Moderator edit: removed support tag as they have no influence on feature suggestions.]

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totally agreed