Artist Equivalence: Circle

The English singing group Circle has just issued a CD: Songs From The Heart.

Unfortunately, when I add the CD to Roon, Roon is convinced that Circle is the American “virtual supergroup of '70s free jazz” consisting of Chick Corea, Anthony Braxton, Dave Holland and Barry Altschul. No, Roon, it is not so. Please can we have a second group called Circle?

Hi @Geoff_Coupe,

Can you share a screenshot of the album? Is it identified?

Add a few more albums, soon you’ll have 10.

Here’s the screenshot. Unfortunately, the album was not identified, and dBpoweramp couldn’t retrieve any metadata either.

Circle is also not known to Musicbrainz either (at least not this group - there are others with the name Circle).

It’s in Spotify

Aarggh! Oh well, hopefully that means that the correct metadata for the artist will eventually show up in Roon…

Unless it lands in Musicbrainz and/ or allmusic, I doubt it.