Artist Equivalence George Michael

A very strange case of duplicating an artist’s name and then swap first name and surname:

Notice how a certain Michael George is listed as Ensemble playing on all albums of George Michael that I own.
After clicking on the Michael George link, I’m led to the artist’s page of the classical singer Michael George who has only ever sung on classical records.

Nowhere in my George Michael file tags have I written Michael George, certainly not as Album Artist (which I know tends to come up as Ensemble in Roon a lot of times).

In the Album View of Listen Without Prejudice, when I look at the 44 Album Credits, there’s NO Michael George.
But when I then look into the Track Credits, this what I see:

Perhaps my stupefaction can be imagined by the reader of this topic?!:exploding_head:

Hi @Hans_Valeton,

Would you mind sharing this album with us so we can take a look? You can send me a PM with a shared Dropbox link or any other file sharing service link.


Hi @Hans_Valeton,

We aren’t seeing this same behavior when we import this media. Can you please try the following:

  • Make a copy of this album outside of your Roon watched folder
  • Delete this album in Roon
  • Move the copy you made back into the watched folder to it imports again
  • Let us know if you see the same issue after doing this

Thanks for your reply, @dylan

I did try your suggestion but the results remain unchanged.
I do have a sneaking suspicion however, that you are not seeing this behaviour because of the absence in your collection of albums featuring the British bass-baritone Michael George, such as:

I will send you one of his recordings, just in case my hunch is correct.

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@dylan, @joel,
For unrelated reasons I have done a reinstall of roon on my PC and then started the new one up with a very constricted watched folder, containing only the three albums of George Michael that I own.
And what do you know?:

No more references to Michael George! (compare to one of the screenshots in my earlier post)
And some more proof:

In short, I think I have conclusively shown that in a library without any albums having Michael George as a performer, the albums by George Michael no longer have Michael George in their metadata.

Hi @dylan, did you receive the Schubert album with Michael George among its performers and did including it in your library change anything to the represented metadata of George Michael albums?

Hi @Hans_Valeton — I’ve just followed up via PM.

I’m still sitting with the same story, there’s a backend issue in Roon’s metadata and its ingestion logic, which needs acknowledgement and resolution by Roon.

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I suppose there is at least one typo in your message? Sorry but I really don’t understand what you mean.

fixed /10chars

Hi @Hans_Valeton,

I wanted to touch base with some good news, which is that our technical team has been able to reproduce this behavior and we’ve opened up a bug report with our developers.

While I can’t say for certain when this bug will be fixed, getting things reproduced in-house is a critical first step, and I will keep this thread up to date as the team passes along feedback and work begins to get this resolved. Thanks again for the report!

Very little has changed in the past half year, I’m afraid:

All Top Tracks in the above screenshot still mention Michael George as an participating artist.

I would very much appreciate to see this issue really fixed, somewhere in the near future!

Interesting - the George Michael album and top tracks are appearing correctly for me (and fully identified, which your Ladies and Gentlemen album is not). However, I only have the Patience album in my local library, all the rest are from Qobuz.

Do you have albums featuring Michael George, the bass-baritone, in your library?

Not as Primary Artist, no; but I do have him as a performer on a Kiri Te Kawana CD, and that has been ripped to my library…

Hi @Hans_Valeton — I checked out internal tracker and see that this is still in the queue for our dev team. I’ve requested an update from the team on the current status, but I don’t have any specific updates I can provide just yet. I’ll be sure to keep this post updated when we have more information.

I just noticed this in my own collection tonight. Any update?