Artist Equivalence Issues

Are you planning look at ones that are out there in other threads, e.g. Stevie Ray Vaughan

Falls into a similar category as Billy Thorpe and the Aztecs @Lloyd_Borrett. The trouble is not necessarily equivalence (though that is part of it), but a tremendous inconsistency not only between metadata providers, but within the same metadata provider. As I alluded to above, we’re in the process of figuring out (a) what we want to do here and (b) what we can do. No immediate resolution unfortunately, but we will get there.

So the answer is “yes”, but we’re not going to look at these piecemeal; we need to solve the whole class of similar issues.

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here i have an incongruent couple of emir deodato:


they are the same person.
i could merge them, but in that case i would loose some infos (web links and wrong birthday OR bands and correct birthday)


the 3 tim wright should be the same person.

if i merge, i loose part of the infos (web links OR born/dead and bands)


they should be the same person.

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Yes, it looks like all the links now go correctly to the “saxophone” Evans.

It looks like most things O’Farrill are fixed, but the artist photo for Arturo is still a photo of Chico.

Thanks for all your hard work on this. I’m really looking forward to deployment of all the new, improved equivalence code.

There are 2 Stu Martin artists:


they are the same person: i could merge, but would loose part of the infos.

besides, info are incomplete. he is member of “The Trio”.

if you read the band description, it features stu martin, barre phillips and john surman. BUT in the members section there are totally different (and wrong) names.

@Niccolo_Terzi Edits made for:

Tim Wright
Stu Martin

Wrong artist:

Should be this guy:

Wrong Genres:
R&B instead of something like Electronic, House, Euro House.

Hi @BlackJack. Thanks for this report. One of our metadata providers appears rather confused regarding this artist; we’ve requested some corrections. Once these are made and built into our metadata, we’ll take another look to see if anything else needs doing.


the album

is linked to a band called “The Shanes”.

The description of the band says:

The members section in the screenshot, the web link and Wikipedia link are pointing to the German band “The Shanes” (which is correct)

The description, the formed and disbanded section refer to a band which was came from sweden and was active in the 60s.


Hi @papa.jay. Thanks for the report. An edit has been made; please get back to us in a week if the bio isn’t fixed. Note that incorrect artwork will not be updated.

It seems there is some confusion on the metadata front between Maxim (Keith Palmer, previously known as Maxim Reality) of The Prodigy. Also author of Hell’s Kitchen (2000)

and a german pop singer named Maxim


Thanks for the report @Marcor and apologies for the inconvenience. An edit has been made for Maxim. Please wait for up to a week for it to take effect.

Double Denis Charles:


i could merge, but loose part of the infos

double staatskapelle berlin


I could merge, but loose part of the infos

@Niccolo_Terzi Thanks for the reports. Edits made for Denis Charles and Staatskapelle Berlin. As usual, these may take up to a week to take effect.

Is it possible to “batch” identify duplicate artists like this? I come across them all the time.

@Tony_Casey Yes. Virtually every artist equivalence issue which has come up in this thread is fixed automatically in code which we are now testing; or more accurately, the new code doesn’t generate these issues. Any edits we’re are making at the moment are simply interim fixes until the new code is live.