Artist Equivalence Issues

Two Artists in same entry - Kush

My local copies of the Australian band albums are attributed to the USA band.

Here are the Allmusic entry for Jeff Duff referring to Kush and the Discogs entry for the Australian band.

Two Artists in same entry - X

My local copy and the Tidal entry for “At Home With You”, the Australian band’s album, are attributed to the LA band (which has the bio in Roon).

Here are the Wikipedia entry and Discogs entry for the Australian band.

Two Artists in same entry - Mark Gillespie

There are two entries in Roon for Mark Gillespie. One for the UK Artist and another for the Australian artist. My local version of the “Only Human” album of the Australian artist is attributed to the UK artist.

Here is the Discogs entry for the Australian artist.

Two Artists in same entry - Chris Wilson

Local albums for the Australian artist are attributed to the USA artist.

Here are the Wikipedia entry and Discogs entry for the Australian artist.

Two Artists in the same entry - Paul Kelly

Thanks guys, this one is vastly improved with an excellent bio by Ed Nimmervoll now matching the pic of the Australian artist in Roon and a beginning of the Sisyphean task of meta-links between Paul and other Australian musicians.

The Tidal sections, however, are blending albums from the Australian artist, the Irish mandolin player and the Miami funk artist.

I’ve got the correct artist picture for Japanese post rockers Mono, but the wrong tags and bio (London trip-hop band Mono.)

Nancy Wilson of Heart and Nancy Wilson jazz singer. EDIT: Looks like the bio is now correct, the photo is wrong, though.

John Mann. There are apparently three different artists. I know the one from Kentucky now living in Nashville has his albums split between two different artists profiles/other albums.

Ok guys, me and the guys are going to spend an hour or two looking over these and seeing how many fixes we can get done. Hopefully, we can knock out the majority of what’s been reported, and continue doing so on a periodic basis.

A note about these fixes – even once these issues are all cataloged, we still need to go through the database and implement fixes one at a time. The tools we’re using are for internal use only so, unfortunately, for the moment this work has to be done by us.

Once we’ve implemented a fix, it may be another few days before the fix is ingested into the live database that every install of Roon talks to, and it may be a week or more before your local version of Roon grabs all the updated information from our servers.

So the point is, these fixes are coming but will take some time to propagate to your library. If I’ve let you know a fix is coming, give it at least 2 weeks before reporting additional issues, ok?

Thanks all!


Hope it’s not to late. The Danish artist Sebastian and the French artist SebastiAn are mixed together in my library so they apear as the same artist. I can see that its the same problem on Tidal.

Joe Hisaishi (Japanese soundtrack composer) has about half the Albums as Joe Hisaishi and the other half as 久石 譲 (original Japanese format) even if the file tags are all in the same format.

Got an artist problem - Aoife O’Donovan. When I do a search for Aoife, I get two results and if you look closely, the only difference is in the ascii character used for the apostrophe in her last name.

I checked all my tags and folder names, and they are all using the same keyboardable apostrophe. Roon recognizes all 3 of her albums, but only one - Fossils - is connected to one spelling of her name (which has artist bio info). The others are connected to the other apostrophe version which does not have her pic nor bio info. But all 3 albums are identified by Roon.

How do I (can I) fix this? Is this a Roon issue or one on my end somehow?

Tempest. The albums are correctly ID’d, the disbanded date & list of individual band members is correct, but the description of the band is completely wrong.

wrong -->

right -->

My partial list of artist equivalence issues:

  1. The Advisory Circle - split into 2 artists; the first with the album “from out here” and their EPs “mind how you go” and “study series 07: autumnal activities”, and the second with the albums “other channels” and “as the crow flies”.

  2. It separates “Cosmic Jokers” with albums “cosmic jokers, galactic supermarket” and “sci fi party” from the same band listed under “The Cosmic Jokers” with albums “planeten sit-in” and “gille’s zeitschiff”.

  3. Disgorge - “gorge this” is split from Disgorge - “she lay gutted”.

  4. Dr Jeffrey Thompson - “psychosensory integration series #5” is separated from the rest of his albums. It is unidentified whereas the others are identified - maybe that has something to do with it.

  5. Eighties Matchbox - Royal Society is also listed under Eighties Matchbox Society. This may be deliberate as the band may go by both names, but I would rather have them just under one name than split like this.

  6. “Flower Travellin Band” has 2 albums listed, and “The Flower Travellin Band” has 4, though they should all be listed as the same band

  7. “The Gladiators” has album “live at reggae sunsplash” (recognised), whereas their album “gladiators by bus” (unrecognised) is listed as a separate artist by the same name.

  8. I have a “various tracks” collection by Goa Gil, which is unrecognised and listed as separate to the rest of his albums.

  9. Gorky’s Zygotic Mynci - Merched Yn Neud Gwallt Eu Gilydd is listed separate to the rest of their stuff

  10. Healer - “wonderground” is listed separate from “Higher ground” (both recognised)

  11. Holy River Family Band - “earthquake country” is listed as separate from the rest of their stuff, all recognised

  12. Lamp of the Universe - “echo in light” is separate from the rest

  13. Chi-Ad albums “virtual spirit” and “infinitism” are separate from “anno domini” and “earth crossing”

  14. Linda Perhacs is listed as “Linda Perhaces” as well - I changed the latter to the correct name, but now it justs lists 2 separate “linda perhacs”!

  15. The Lovin’ Spoonful’s albums are split

  16. The band “LSD march” is split into “LSD march” and “LSD-march”

  17. The band “Lumen” is split into 2 separate artists

  18. “Mandra Gora Lightshow Society” is split into 2 artists.

  19. “Manfred Man” is split into 2 artists

Want me to go on…?


Fixed 2 days later – well done guys! :smile:

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SLAVES - should be 3 different artists

  1. appears to Reggae band from early 2000’s

  2. LA hardcore punk - discography includes:

Through Art We Are All Equals (2014)
Routine Breathing (2015)
The Fire Down Below
The Upgrade, Pt. II
Starving for Friends
My Soul Is Empty And Full of White Girls
Burning Our Morals Away
Death Never Lets Us Say Goodbye
Drowning In My Addiction
Running Through The 6 With My Soul

  1. UK punk band - discography includes:
    Are You Satisfied?

Cheer Up London
Where’s Your Car Debbie?

Dodge Brothers (Album=Louisa and the Devil) and The Dodge Brothers (Album=The Sun Set) are the same Artist.

Artist : Fink
Combines english band Fink with German band Fink

M. Ward is being lumped in with a chap called Matthew Ward, which is causing the latter to have their Tidal albums added to the former’s discography.

Saw an interesting collaboration in Discover today. It would seem that Roon believes Chris Brown plays clavinet on Sarah Harmer’s latest album. I’m surprised he doesn’t pull that out on his solo work :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: