Artist First/Last name exchanged

Some artists have their first name and last name switched in the sorting
example: I have sorting by last name and Horace Silver appears under H
Anyway of correcting this myself ?

Are you able to check the tagging (presuming the artists you have issues with are on local files rather than on Tidal or Qobuz)? I’d look at both ARTIST and ARTIST SORT tags. Also, are the albums from problematic artists identified or unidentified?


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Hey @Ori_Onn,

It looks like your post was entirely missed by our team - please, accept my sincere apologies.

I was wondering if you’d still want our help with this? We’d love to take the chance to help :nerd_face:

Honestly, I posted a couple of problems and they were both ignored.
I’m very disappointed with your support. It’s not functioning.