Artist identification

I could suggest a way to identify artists, similar to album identification.
sometimes it can happen that an artist is associated to a non-identified album. but the artist is actually well known. to guarantee coherence to the library, it would be useful the possibility to identify at least the artist…

see also this post:

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New vocabulary word! Whazzit?

Anyway, I think you are correct about how multiple artists are created. I call them “phantom” artists. Roon once told me they also crop up when a TIDAL album is imported then deleted (I think I’m remembering correctly).

So, are you and Abbado now reunited? :wink:

Agree, we need this.
Including managing aliases.

I had an artist show up with different spellings, went in and merged the artists (great feature!). Picked the most widely used name. But the merge isn’t recorded for the future, as an alias, so when new albums showed up with the other name, the did not show up together.