Artist image goes black

I have recently noticed a problem with the artist image feature. This only seems to happen on a small number of images - say one out of every 30 or so - which is still a lot when you have a lot of music.

What happens is that I add a new artist image, which fills the screen due to the dimensions. It seems to work, but when I navigate away from it and come back, the artist image is replaced with black. Roon still seems to think that the artist image is there, as I can click on it and the black “pops up” like a normal image would. If I go to the artist editor, it is still showing the image as it should look.

Any ideas?

I wouod first review the suspect pics. Look at he pics affected, what are the resolutions formats etc. To see if there us a pattern.

I think there is a maximum size ceiling. Have you noticed it on different res pix or only the big’uns ?

Different res pics. I haven’t seen a pattern but I will look out for one. What did seem to help was a restart of Roon. I will report back if the problem persists.

there is a value for memory allotted for pictures. You can change, ie Up the value but it may cause system instability.