Artist Image issues/questions

I just installed the trial of Roon last night and am considering purchasing a license. However, there’s some things that I’d like to figure out first…

  1. Artist Images - Many Artists in my collection have no Artist image. For most of these, I don’t mind just using one of the album covers from said artist, and I don’t mind manually adding them…HOWEVER, this does not seem to easy as it could be…

I would think that I could just right-click on an album cover from within Roon and paste it into the Artist’s image field - NOPE. Can’t copy an image from within Roon…or I am doing something wrong?

Ok, then I can use the browse button and browse to the image stored in an album’s folder - NOPE. Can only browse my C: drive. Can’t browse to my server where the music is stored, and not even a mapped drive. Again, unless I am missing something?

Next option - Drag and drop? The screen shot below says I can drag and image, but I can’t get that to work either…

Is it just me?

What OS is your Core and the Remote you are using. Roon only browses to local drives. However, I just dragged and dropped pics into twice and it worked. I’m on Win10 Core and Win10 remote.

Core is on WHS2011 and Remote is on Win7. Roon cant browse a mapped or network drive, eh? That’s surprising. Did you drag and drop from Win Explorer? Is copying/pasting image files within Roon something that is supposed to work?

I’ve also never been able to drag and drop images in 1.2 or 1.3.

Core: RoonServer on Synology DS1515+
Remote: Roon on MacBook Pro 2011, OSX 10.11.6

Well, drag and drop is working for me now…

I installed Remote on my laptop and it worked. Then i went back to my desktop and it still wasn’t working, so I quit Roon and then re-launched it and now it’s working.

Would still like to be able to browse mapped/network drives and the ability to copy image files from within Roon though…

I had another thought about the Artists’ images…rather than manually editing all of the artists that don’t have images or have images that I don’t like…is there a way to tell Roon to globally just use any random album cover from every artist for that artist’s image?

Or maybe a viewing mode that I can set up that way?

Album view sorted by artist, but only show one album for each artist is kinda what I am looking for…

No that is not possible.

One image per artist … Isn’t that really what the artist view is for?

Agree, but what I would like to do is fill in missing artists’ images and change artist images that I don’t like with a random album cover from that artist.

Now drag and drop is working for me as well. I think 1.3.194 was the last build I tested, so maybe one of the changes under the hood in build 196 or 200 resolved the drag and drop issue.

This topic can probably be marked [solved]

Original post raised other issues besides drag and drop (through explorer)

Drag and drop from Windows Explorer is working, but what I’d really like to see is drag and drop from within Roon.

Say an Artist is missing an image, I’d like to be able to drag and drop an album cover from that artist and use it for the artist’s image. Its displayed right there on the page, but I can’t drag/drop or copy/[aste it. Wish I could…or at least browse to a network drive/mapped drive…

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That would require new functionality, it’s not really a support issue. I suggest you post the request for it in the Feature Requests section … then Roon will judge it on merit and how popular it is with other Roon users.

EDIT: Just seen that you have :cool: