Artist image - old or new?

I was wondering whether, when choosing a main artist image, people prefer to choose a picture of the artist in their heyday/at their prime, or alternatively a picture of how the artist is now (if still alive)?

Interesting question. For artists that are still with us, I usually prefer an image reflecting the current state of affairs.

Bob Dylan being the exception. :slight_smile:

As opposed to Keith Richards? :joy:


i’m trying popolulating the artists pictures (roon does not give many of them…).
the point is that i DON’T like the final result with a smaller/portrait picture (i mainly work on PC, and i mainly look at roon on big screen)… so i have to look for pictures that can go wide. and the limits are quite strong that it’s difficult to find any.
so, at the end, i choose the best one, without a logic.

if i can choose… well, i think that for each artist we have something like an iconic mental picture… that can correspond to a climax in the artist career, or the period when you have discovered him/her/them. people i used to listen 30 years ago will never change face for me…

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