Artist images very slow to appear

Thanks, already works well for me (remote on iPad 5th gen).

The first impression looks good

Updated core and client on my iPad 5th generation, much better. Much improved. I don’t know about streaming, but all my files are local. The images used to be slow / not shown. They all show much faster. Almost or similar to pre 880 build.

Thank you.

It seems the images are not permanently cached, because this morning all images were loading again. Faster as in the the previous build but noticeably one by one image was loaded.
After this initial loading images seems to be in some kind of cache because you can jump from A to Z and images are immediately there.

Edit: This was probably I updated the iPad app in between and therefore images were loaded again. This evening all images were there right from the start of the app.

Thanks Brian! This really makes a difference (glad I have ‘weak hardware’ :wink: ). Loading times for the albums are as quick as before this all happened. If I’m experiencing lagging the coming days, I wil let you know but I don’t expect that to happen.

It might be a bit better, but some low-hanging fruit regarding image loading/caching is still not fixed it seems.

E.g. when scrolling through the album list from top to bottom, but only stopping at the bottom should preload all images when “passing by”, but it does not. Scrolling from top → bottom (wait a bit) → e.g. the middle will still cause images to not instantly appear.

And there seems to be no eager loading. For instance if you are scrolling slowly, it is quite easy to guess what images are needed next (even without any ML etc), but they don’t seem to load until they are explicitly shown on the display.

I recently returned to roon, just after the 1.8 release. And I am just terrible dissapointed, since the main reason for me to use Roon and not any other solution have previously been the image loading performance.

So far, b898 seems to have significantly improved load times for me (iPad 7th gen). :grinning::+1:

Hi Brian,

Not sure if my NUC5i3 running ROCK, iPad Pro 9.7, Dell i5 XPS13 is classed as weak hardware, but the backup iPad 2 Mini, at nearly 9-years old, and the HP 2540p i7 laptop, at over 10 years old, granted is as such.
However all are benefiting from the revised image delivery solution.

The stale caching is an excellent solution, and as you say, if the cached images are not being updated within the Valence server, there is no requirement for them to be updated in the cache.
Plus an ‘old’ image is still better than no image. And from what I have seen when a cached image is updated and replaced, it is instantaneous once the new image has been served in the background.

Overall the feel of the Roon Remote interface is back to being ‘snappy’ and responsive.

Is there any persistent applied to the image cache? Is it included as part of the Core database stored on the SSD or just an in-memory cache? And is it part of a backup/restore process, if this was required?
So for me I run my Roon Core on ROCK as a dedicated server operation 24/7 and behind a UPS, so Reboots/Power cycles are infrequent (potentially months apart), so in time the cached images could be there for all frequently played artists.

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…. still slooowwwwww

I think there is a backend issue at the moment, so might be a reason.

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Thank you for your patience and understanding :innocent:

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