Artist in various artist album not attached to parent artist page

I don’t know whether this is expected behaviour or not.

Last night after a wonderful family Christmas Day ( even though I totally forgot to check that my son’s Rega P1 needed a phono stage for his KEF LS50 wireless - it does, so I did the equivalent of buying without batteries!

Anyway sitting down to listen to Uncut best of

and decide to find out more about This is the kit.

A Tidal artist search shows -

Is this expected behaviour or should my first artist page not have been the one above?


this might be part of the Tidal issues. Several tidal albums are not showing, not playing, not loading artist information for me.

No. More likely is that one artist is coming from Roon and one from file tags.

Do you mean then that if the album is not recognised by Roon that the links to artists won’t work? They certainly did work for any artist that I had albums of already but not for artists that were not represented in my collection.

Is there anything to be done about it?


I mean that the album in question does not have any track-level credits coming from Roon, so are almost certainly tag credits which aren’t linked up to a Roon metadata object. When you browse TIDAL, you are getting to Roon’s metadata fro the band.

FYI, all we appear to have for this album is the metadata from MusicBrainz:

Thanks for responding Joel, but I still don’t understand if this is a bug, something I can fix or something Roon can fix ?

It’s very unRoon like to click on an artist and get this

rather than this


The “e” is accented in one artist and not the other. The “accented” artist has no meta-data but the “un-accented” artist does.

@joel is there a way of mapping alternative spellings of artists/composers in roon so that they are used interchangeably in all use cases. For example, bio, artwork, but also discovery, radio, shuffle etc? There seems to be an artist merge feature but I have never been able to get it to work in this way.

That may we’ll be the issue here (although I do think Roon actually does what you suggest), but there are several more examples


Looks like this is an issue of “performer” vs. “artist”. Roon treats them differently (I don’t know the reason why). It is an extremely common problem in classical libraries where a request for an artist/performer merge has been raised many times. Many classical genres, for example opera, are in effect also treated as various artists compilations by roon as there may be no obvious “album artist” to hang it’s data structure on. But the end result is exactly as you describe with “performers” lacking artist bio, artwork, links etc.

No, I don’t think so.

The problem here (on the face of it) is that there are Roon-identified albums which are lacking track-level Main Performer (and/or other) metadata. This metadata is often filled (by Roon) from the ARTIST tags in your files. If you don’t have any other instances of the performer in your library, then the track tag value is basically an orphan. It’s text and we don’t do anything more with it (yet). When you browse TIDAL, it’s usual possible to dial directly into an artist or album where we do have the metadata tied up correctly.

Thanks for the explanation,hopefully this area will improve over time.


@joel, I find variations on this “orphans” issue in a classical library to be very common. My work-around has been simply to “normalise” my tags to values roon does recognise.

It’s a lot of work though. What would be better is a means of “training” roon to recognise “equivalents” which in the case of classical can run to dozens. But I am seeing the same problem with world music (like the OP) and also foreign jazz. No doubt there are others. I cannot see that the “artist merge” feature works in this way.

From what you are saying there are two issues here. 1) Linking equivalents and 2) linking orphans to equivalents. Is there anyway of doing this manually in roon? My work-around populates missing bio, artwork, links etc. but I can also see that it has an impact on discovery/radio/shuffling, presumably because roon then treats the artists/composers involved as some kind of data objects rather than plain text. Is it not possible to manually train roon to recognise these equivalent/orphan links? That is record the link once only rather than change every single effected data point?