Artist Information different between API and export to excel

I noticed that some of the artist value is different between the one returned by the API and exported to excel.

Below are from API Return (now_playing.three_line)

API Return
 Artist:Ayako Hosokawa / Erroll Garner / Johnny Burke
 Album:Mr. Wonderful

API Return
 Artist:Al Jarreau / Tom Canning
 Album:This Time
 Track:Never Givin' Up

Below are from the exported excel.
Please scroll to the right on the exported excel above, there is Composer column as well.

Album Artist,          Album,          Title,             Track Artist(s),       Composer(s)
Al Jarreau,            This Time,      Never Givin' Up,   Al Jarreau,            Tom Canning / Al Jarreau
Ayako Hosokawa,        Mr. Wonderful,  Misty,             Ayako Hosokawa,        Erroll Garner / Johnny Burke

And below are the screenshot from roon (It seems that the performed by is taken from Track Artist).

Is there any ways that I can get the Album Artist information through the API?

– bastian

I’ve been wondering the same actually. Is there a mechanism for querying the data from Roon live (without the Excel export)?