Artist information with personal Best of albums

Hi to all,

I do sometimes build personal best of artist when I do not like all tracks of all albums. I then only keep tracks that I like, name the Album Artist and Artist metadata as the artist (ex Blur) and have several songs of the same “Best of %Artist%” album. However, ROON does not managed to retrieve information about this artist.

The album is indeed not existing as it is a specific created album. However, how can I manage to retrieve Artist information so that ROON can retrieve everything about the Artist ?

Thanks, Phil

It sounds as if Roon has decided there is not enough evidence to decide your artist is indeed the same as the better known one. Merging the artists should fix the issue. This thread may help if you can’t see both artists in the artist browser.

Hi @Phil_Active_Audio,

Can you share a screenshot of an example of what you’re seeing in Roon?

Generally, for this type of “Best of” curation, we recommend using a the original albums and creating a playlist or bookmark in Roon so that you can still get the best metadata from our album identification process.

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Thanks for your feed-back.

I will test the Merge function whithin a search and tell you as I indeed managed to find the artist when searching for him/her.

The screen I got from ROON is simple : no picture of the artist and no description neither biography.

I tell you !

Here is the screen I have from Roon (french artist). So far I haven’t found how to merge artists while using th search function (I found this artist using Search) …

Well, the Search function is not working. I can find the artist with all albums (I have a Qobuz account) but there is no way (or I could not find how to…) link the artist with my personal Best of album.

When I add Primary artist when updating the album meta data, it seems ROON only search within known artists based on the database. So, since my artist isn’t known by ROON, no change in the result.

Wouldn’t it be good to propose a Search Artist function that would help identifying the Primary Artist not based on albums or songs?

In addition, since I have only 1 album of this artist, I can not merge it with another one coming from a real album. I can understand the issue with french artist not known all around the world, but I have the same issue with America band (yes, yes, I did a best of ….).

Can you, temporarily if needs be, add an album by Adam Chamfort to your library using Qobuz? If I understand your problem correctly then there should be two Adam Chamforts in your collection and the merge should work.

Yes, this workaround is ok: I can add an album from Qobuz and then the artist starts having bio and description. No need to merge 2 artists if the name is equal, but merging is fine if 2 artists are found.

However, it is OK as I have a Qobuz account. What for users without Qobuz or Tidal account?

It seems ROON is relying on albums and tracks metadata to retrieve / associate an artist. That is probably a very good way to properly achieve findings but it becomes more difficult if you have only one album which is a bit different from ROON database, or personal Best of albums.

I would suggest to implement an Artist search/match function that would allow a user to dig into ROON enormous artists database and then associate their local unmatched ones. For instance, my local French artist is well known in ROON and his bio is fine. ROON was only missing a little help to associate it with tracks metadata that are correct and can be found in various albums and official Best of.

I’m pleased that worked. Regarding your suggestion, this type of thing has been requested before, but Roon’s preference is to get it right automatically without users having to fiddle.

An interesting thread debating this can be found here