Artist listed twice

A Dutch artist by the name of Wende Snijders has albums out under her first name only and on her full name. I would like to bring those together under one artist name. Changing the Wende name into Wende Snijders still left me with two artists. What to do?

Hi Hbz,

I don’t think you can do this at the moment. You should be able to do it after full metadata editing which is one of the next things on the roadmap after 1.2.

There is a thread in this section for artist equivalence issues (two artists mixed up, one artist - two entries etc) but I don’t know enough about the circumstances of Wende using two names to know if that’s what’s happening here. If it is, feel free to post in that thread and Roon will try to get the entries fixed by metadata providers. That can take some time.