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Bit of a weird one. Max Richter as an artist has disappeared from my library. I have 12 albums, but when I search for Max Richter nothing comes up, except when I have Qobuz enabled, in which case when I select him as main artist, only Qobuz albums are shown, not those in my collection. The albums are still there, and Max Richter still shows up when scrolling through the artist tab, but when I select him nothing is found…he no longer seems to exist as an artist. Is this happening to anyone else?

Hi @olchon,

Can you share some screenshots of what you’re seeing here?

Can you share a screenshot of one of these albums?

When you click on the Artist link on the album, does the Max Richter artist that it takes you to have these albums listed? Can you take screenshots of the artist page as well?

So here’s the library artist view with Max Richter on the right

Clicking on that takes me to the artist page, but nothing in my library is shown:

And here is my beloved Max Richter bookmark!

Here’s what I get if I search for Max Richter. Note he does not show as top result. The albums in my library show under the search but not under him as an artist…!

And finally, a Max Richter album in my library:

Pretty odd eh? Not noticed it with any other albums. Possibly started when I changed from Tidal to Qobuz but not sure…

Hi @olchon,

In that last image, if you click on Mac Richter under the album name, what does that artist page look like? Any different than the one shared above?

No, exactly the same. He’s not there as a library artist…

Hi @olchon,

For one of these albums that isn’t showing up under the artist, select the 3-dots button, select Edit, and then choose Re-Identify Album. After doing so does the album appear under this artist?

Thanks Dylan, the album I tried that with (Blue Notebooks) now shows under Main albums. BUT this is now another entry ( and picture) for the artist Max Richter, and the Qobuz albums are not showing up here at all. There appears to be 2 Max Richters.

At the bottom you will note he even appears in collaboration with, you’ve guessed it, Max Richter!

Hmm, no longer have access to any of the previous albums, just this one. Both Max Richter artists, when clicked, only show the same page (above screenshot) with one album visible.

Thanks @olchon.

This looks like an issue that we currently have a ticket open with our development team for. I can’t provide any specific timeframes, but we will be sure to keep you up to date when we have information available.

If you re-identify all of the albums in your library do they show up under this Max Richter now?

Interestingly, once all Richter albums reidentified, they all show up with the original artist bio and picture ( the red one) and both library and Qobuz richter albums are shown when clicking on artist. A few of the album covers changed. Two Max’s have become one! Thanks for your help.

Spoke too soon, they’ve all gone again. No library albums showing under Max Richter. Let me know how you get on sorting this. Thanks

Thanks for the update, @olchon.

I’ve passed this info along to the team for their investigation, thanks for giving that a try. I’ll be sure to update you once we have more information here.

My issue seems to have been resolved with latest update. Thanks

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