Artist name truncated

On some artist screens, when I add a wider picture, the artist name is truncated - i.e. it seems to be “pushed” off the edge of the screen, and only the first letter or 2 is visible:

Any help appreciated.

Did you load a picture or is that the way it is normally?

Hey @extracampine, I just added a photo of Jesse Roper, since Roon didn’t identify him, and it took up the whole background. See below. I also have Jets Overhead that Roon did add and, maybe because of the picture size, added it as a smaller pic. It’s just like your problem, but because yours is wider, it pushed the text to the right.

I’m not sure what decides whether or not a pic takes the whole background or if it’s an individual pic. Maybe Roon guys can help.

Cheers, Greg

Rugby: I loaded the picture.

Greg: For the photo to fill the background, it has to be not only a certain size but also a certain shape (i.e. a widescreen kind of shape). I guess the answer is just not to use pics that are too small and wide. I just thought Roon should handle this a bit better.


For a picture to be placed in the background it has to be a specific ration, i.e. 16:9. So any pic that is 1920X1080, 1280 x 720. When you look for pics to use, keep that in mind.

Image manipulation is not quite as easy as just running it through a size/ratio converter. At least not and have it look good. Roon should have just cropped your picture to the base size. It does this for vertical length actually as I found out last night while playing around with this feature. It should do it for horizontal width as well to prevent the issue you had.

Imho, I think Roon handles the pictures fine. What I think is needed is a manual so that people know how to use the software functions.

Yeah - it’s a minor niggle I agree but I just want the devs to see that this problem potentially could affect others not just me. And - by me bringing it to light there is the chance that it just might have also been affecting others, fellow art and music lovers.