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There is an artist that I have Favorited that doesn’t show up when I use the [Favorite] filter in the Artist view. This only happens for this 1 artist, so it is not a big problem for me, but I like to understand why this happens.

Do you have any albums by that artist in your library? Try adding an album from that artist’s discography and then see if they appear when you use favorites.

Thank you @Rugby. I can certainly do that. But, is that a requirement to be able to use the Favorites filter.

What I am trying to understand is whether I can simply Favorite an artist, without adding a specific album from them.

Is this possible?

Its a requirement of how Roon’s database works and can create some odd corner cases. Normally, you cannot heart an Artist unless there is content from them in your library. If you go to an artist which has no content in your library, the heart will not be displayed.

However, in the case of some side credits, it creates a situation where the artist is kind of in your library and displays the heart which allows you to heart it. But, since there is no direct content in the library it will not be shown when using the Focus or Heart filter.

For example, I have an album by Blind Melon in my library (Qobuz) and in the credits there is a credit for Tommy Steele. I can go to Tommy Steele’s artist page and there will be a heart there to click (because he is part of the credits on the Blind Melon album in my library) and I click it; however, if I then go to Artists and click the heart filter, he will not show up. If I then go to Tommy Steele’s discography and add an album, and then go back to the Artist section and click the heart filter, he will show up.

Bottom line, artist’s content needs to be in the library (which is another way of saying in the database) to be focusable.


I learn something new every day of the machinations and nooks and crannies of Roon. Thank you for that explanation.

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Thank you, Daniel. @Rugby.

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