Artist Overview

Some lesser known artists have no overview info. Is it possible to add/edit that section?

Roon generates that section if you have an album in your library, even though all that is in Overview might be some Tracks and the In Library view. Roon for larger artists where bio data exists from its meta-data providers will generate an overview for artists not in your library.

However, once a couple of albums have been added, you can then edit the Artist to add country of origin, start/end dates, etc. It would be nice to add a bio as well, but, currently that is not possible. You might consider a Feature Request asking for that ability.


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I have found the same thing on certain albums and many of these are not what you would term obscure? Does anyone think that a useful feature on ROON would be if you have an artist ripped to the HDD (I run a dedicated Cocktail Audio X45Pro to a Roon Nucleus) if the meta data also listed all the other releases by that particular artist maybe highlighted in a different font ect. I personally would find this extremely useful as I tend to read the information habitually about the particular artist being played it is a great source of information much of previously unknown to me.

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Hi Gary and welcome to the forum.

Ideas which are feature requests can be posted in the Feature Request section where they will be seen.

I didn’t mention “obsure” in my comments. One driving factor in overview is if Roon’s meta-data providers have that information. I have often been surprised by what does and does not have information. Can you give an example of a couple of artists you are referring to?