Artist Pictures/Bios For Compilations


I have read some threads on this related to populating the Artist Browser with all the artists listed on compilation albums and the fix appears to be to make sure you have at least one album by that artist in your collection, even if only temporarily. My question is slightly different although I suspect the answer will be the same…if I play a, for example, Now…That’s What I Call Music compilation album (which is identified correctly by Roon and which displays the correct artist name for each track), is there any way to get Roon to display artist pictures and/or bios for each individual track as they play? Currently the only picture that displays is the album cover.

Thanks for any advice…



What order do you have the display options set in for the now playing screen? It will switch back to the first option when the track changes. I think the default is to have the album cover, so for a compilation it will behave just as for a non compilation. If you move artist photo or Bio to the first entry, that will show and change artist as the track changes:

Use the three dots menu to change the order.

Thanks Tony…I’ll check that out