Artist Pictures not changing between songs on Chromecast Displays

Core is Nucleus+, Music resides on a QNAP NAS, remotes are iPads and an iPhone, 5 Displays on TVs using Google Chromecast Dongles

About 30-40% of the time, when a song ends and another begins, the Artist picture does not change. It sometimes finally changes in the middle of the next song and sometimes not till the following song. Much less often, the cover art does not change. I have also seen several instances where the cover art changes to the correct art and in the middle of a song, it disappears and is replaced by a blank record album. This behavior occurs on multiple displays. Thank you.

Hi @Terry_Deeb,

Apologies for the delay here, it looks like this one slipped through the cracks.

Which kind of Chromecasts are you using? Are they the regular ones, Ultra or built-in to the TV?
Does the issue occur only on one/some of the Chromecasts in particular?
Are you able to reproduce this behavior when using a Web Display?

Hi @noris
These are all 3rd generation Google brand Dongles, not Ultra. This occurs on all of the Chromecasts (5 on my core and 2 on @Judy_Allen’s core. (On a side note, all of these Sony TVs have Built-in Chromecast, but they are unusable with Roon as they all crash within a few minutes to a half hour of starting Roon. The dongles do not crash. The one exception is my newest TV the Sony OLED XBR-55A9G. This built-in Chromecast does not crash. Hopefully Sony finally fixed this issue on their newest models.)

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Hi @Terry_Deeb,

Thanks for the additional info, can I please ask you to confirm if Web Displays also have this issue?

Also, a video and exact local time + date of the issue’s occurrence would be helpful here, I can take a look at diagnostics from your Core once I have this info.

Hi @noris
Capturing a video and time stamp of the issue can be accomplished. Capturing it on a Web Display will be logistically more difficult. I will try to setup a test with a dual display to capture what you have requested.

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Thanks @Terry_Deeb! You don’t need to capture on both, just a video of the Chromecast would be sufficient.

I was just curious if this also occurs on a Web Display, because that would mean more than just Chromecasts are impacted and we should investigate it more as a general issue rather than device-specific.

If you are able to reproduce on the Web Display, just a timestamp would be sufficient for that. For the Chromecast, please do send a video + timestamp if you can, thanks!

Any update on this, mine are also not working after 1.7 update on ROCK

No update. They just kept asking me questions and giving me increasingly cumbersome troubleshooting steps until I got tired of following up. This is the same trend that has occurred on several ongoing issues. I have another one, where Roon Radio just ends after a song and says Nothing Playing. After weeks of sending information, they sent it to the code people and the final answer was, that is normal behavior.

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Mine doing the same, but more like 80% of the time.

Any resolution here Roon team?

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